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Patriots cheerleaders return from China

The Patriots Cheerleaders just returned home from a whirlwind tour to China, and came back with some amazing memories. 



]()The Patriots Cheerleaders just returned home from a whirlwind tour to China, and came back with some amazing memories.

Alyssa, Lindsay, Tanya, Quinn, Briana, Stacey, Crystal, Meg and Tracy departed the states on June 29th with the goal of reaching out to the Chinese public in Beijing and Shanghai to increase awareness and interest in American Football. Nine days later, mission accomplished! In just a little over a week, the ladies did countless media interviews, to include shoots for Chinese FHM and Men's Style Magazines! The ladies cheered on participants at a media boot camp event, filmed vingnettes for Okwan Media, and performed at the NFL Launch party in Shanghai at Attica. While our friends and family at home were celebrating the Fourth of July with traditional fireworks, the Patriots Cheerleaders were entertaing the enthusiastic guests at the U.S. Embassy Reception!

Though the schedule was packed, the girls still managed to find some time for sightseeing, and yes, plenty of shopping! The Great Wall was an incredible sight - miles and miles of a massive, beautiful stone wall, winding up and around the mountain as far as the eye could see. We rode the gondola to the top and after walking for a couple of miles, we got back to the bottom via toboggan! Very fun!!



]()The cheerleaders also visited the Beijing Zoo. The giraffes, pandas, even anteaters, were a treat to see!
Our trip to Shanghai was exciting as well. It's a huge city; countless, skyscrapers, so many lights, all separated by the Bund, a river running through the middle of the city.

The people of China are as interested in our American culture as we are in theirs. It's amazing how many people in China speak English. It's also amazing how many people use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. It keeps the community healthy and certainly cuts down on traffic. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, which made our experience wonderful.

We hope the people of China will continue their desire to learn about American football and will grow to love it as much as we do in the states. We hope to return to China soon and will keep the wonderful memories of a beautiful country in our hearts.

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