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Patriots Cheerleaders Victoria & Dana Contribute to COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Patriots Cheerleaders Victoria and Dana are doing their part to help with the response to the coronavirus and its effect on our local community.

For the past several weeks, Victoria has been helping to assemble face shields for essential employees all over New England. She has helped assemble an order of 3 million faces shields. Victoria is so happy to be able to help out by creating protection for front line workers during this crisis.

Patriots Cheerleader Victoria
Patriots Cheerleader Victoria

Dana works as a supply chain analyst for an automation company. The company has been ramping up during the pandemic as their life sciences business contributes to the discovery and cure for COVID-19. Due to huge demand across the world, the department has been providing components in testing kits, such as storage for virus samples for immediate and future research. Some of the components are storage samples providing information capabilities that manage data for several patients being tested for the COVID-19 virus. They are also providing vaccine clinical trial management to help reduce trial timelines. Dana is proud to be a part of a company that has a department focused on health and community!

Patriots Cheerleader Dana
Patriots Cheerleader Dana

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