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Patriots, Chiefs release injury reports

Matt Light T Doubtful Ankle Missed Portion
Kevin Faulk RB Questionable Foot Missed Portion
Tom Ashworth T Questionable Knee Missed Portion
Monty Beisel LB Questionable Back Missed Portion
Troy Brown WR Questionable Foot Missed Portion
Corey Dillon RB Questionable Calf Missed Portion
Tim Dwight WR Questionable Rib Missed Portion
David Givens WR Questionable Knee Missed Portion
Daniel Graham TE Questionable Shoulder Missed Portion
Jarvis Green DE Questionable Shoulder Missed Portion
Patrick Pass FB Questionable Hamstring Missed Portion
James Sanders S Questionable Ankle Missed Portion
Bethel Johnson WR Questionable Pelvis Missed Portion
Willie McGinest LB Questionable Finger Missed Portion
Tom Brady QB Probable Right Shoulder

Jerome Woods S Out Hamstring Missed Portion
Ronnie Cruz RB Out Knee Missed Portion
Kendall Gammon TE Out Leg Placed on IR
Kris Griffin LB Out Hamstring Missed Portion
Willie Roaf T Questionable Hamstring
Ryan Sims DT Questionable Foot
Patrick Surtain CB Questionable Ankle
Eddie Kennison WR Questionable Back
John Browning DT Probable Knee
Boomer Grigsby LB Probable Abdomen Missed Portion
Benny Sapp CB Probable Hip

The injury report consists of four categories that describe the condition of the player:

OUT: Definitely will not play.

DOUBTFUL: At least 75 percent chance will not play.

QUESTIONABLE: A 50-50 chance will not play.

PROBABLE: Virtual certainty that player will be available for normal duty.

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