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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Thu May 16 - 02:00 PM | Tue May 21 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 10/11/2007

Is Romo's worst yet to come? Or is he due for a big game against the Pats? And what's that thing Randy Moss does after every touchdown? Find all the answers when you read's News Blitz this Thursday.

You thought that was bad?

Sure, Cowboys QB Tony Romo's six-turnover performance Monday night was his worst outing as a pro. But Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is famous for making opposing quarterbacks look even worse, especially the first time they face him.

The Dallas Morning News points out this fact in a feature today.

"I think what makes him special is just his ability to think like a quarterback," Romo said of Belichick. "When I watch him on tape, he gets his guys to play as if they're going to get the quarterback instead of the other way around."

But USA TODAY takes the other side of this story. They found that the Patriots aren't so sure Romo will have two horrible games in a row.

"He had one bad game and we're not going to get used to that," safety Rodney Harrison said in today's piece. "Sunday we'll try to make some turnovers, but he's definitely not going to throw that many interceptions."

CB Ellis Hobbs agreed.

"That's really when you want to come back at your best, to show guys, 'Yeah, I had a bad game but that's not me, that's not the normal me.' So I expect nothing less than the best from Tony this week."

And if you pay attention to such things, the New England Patriots are 5-0 ... against their opponents, yes, but also against the dreaded "spread."

The director of sports and race book operations for MGM-Mirage casinos in Las Vegas, Robert Walker, told the Baltimore Sun that, to those who wager, New England is a sure bet so far this season.

"They're killing us," Walker said of the Patriots. "Every week, it's like a freebie."

Oddsmakers say New England is roughly a six-point favorite to beat Dallas this Sunday.

QUICK HITS says the Cowboys need to win this game more than the Patriots.

Former Pats Pro Bowl corner Ty Law is impressed with the play of Asante Samuel, as you'll see in today's Boston Globe.

WR Randy Moss explains his new touchdown celebration in a transcribed interview on his website.

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