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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Thu May 16 - 02:00 PM | Tue May 21 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 10/24/2007

Gibbs' first impressions of New England are great, but can his Redskins actually up-end the undefeated Patriots? Plus, why Bill Belichick missed one of his team's TDs in Miami. Read all about it in today's News Blitz.

Reskins head coach Joe Gibbs has guided his teams to several Super Bowls over the years. But he's awe-struck by this year's New England Patriots.

"They are on pace to break every record on offense. A big part of that is their defense and special teams. What happens is they are getting the ball back, and their offense is so prolific that people are having a tough time stopping them."

However, the Washington Post seems to think the Redskins have a decent chance to pull the upset this weekend in Foxboro.

They quoted an executive from one AFC East team (who chose to remain anonymous), who said, "The Redskins actually match up relatively well because of their cover guys in the secondary and the ways that [assistant head coach-defense] Gregg Williams will come up with to get after Brady.

"They can run it and throw it on offense and maybe score some points. I'm not saying the Redskins will win. I'm just saying if they play an A game and the Patriots play a C-minus game, they might have a chance."

As for the continued "16-0" talk, The Sun Chronicle is keeping that going with this nugget today:

"Of course [Pats head coach Bill Belichick] is thinking about it, at least in the back of his mind," the author wrote.

"Someone who is as knowledgeable and respectful of the history of the NFL as Belichick, and as fully prepared for any circumstance as he is, has got to be aware of where his team stands and what the possibilities are.

"But never in a million years would he admit to that, and he'd tell you that the only thing he's concerned with is playing the Washington Redskins on Sunday - and rightfully so."

But don't for a minute think Belichick isn't focused on the next opponent. Case in point, he missed DB Willie Andrews' 77-yard kickoff return for a touchdown this past Sunday because he was upset at his defense having just surrendered a touchdown to the Dolphins.

"When Bill feels strongly, he's not going to be shy about getting in your face and telling you," Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi said after the game. "That's the kind of coaching that we all want in here; just tell us how to fix it and we'll go out there and try to do a better job next time."


The Pats are heavy favorites again over the Redskins this weekend, according to The Washington Times.

New England remains perfect in the world of wagering, too, according to a site that monitors such things.

And the next time the Pats play the Dolphins, Miami won't have their best player, RB Ronnie Brown, who's now out for the rest of the season after injuring a knee against New England this past Sunday.

Finally, a quick look ahead to next week's Pats-Colts showdown ... explains why both teams will have perfect records going into that contest.

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