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Official website of the New England Patriots News Blitz - 10/27/2010

In today's News Blitz... Pats help the community, Moss and Minnesota, chatty Childress and let's sign Sergio.

Several New England Patriots helped build a playground at the Waltham Boys & Girls Club yesterday. Read about it in the *Boston Globe* and the *Boston Herald*.

Read about the return of former Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss, when he and his new team the Minnesota Vikings come to Gillette this Sunday for a Halloween matchup, in the *Boston Herald*. Read a similar story in the *Boston Globe*.

The Patriots are not letting Vikings coach Brad Childress get in their head for this Sunday's matchup hosting Minnesota, after he made comments about his 2006 meeting with New England on "Monday Night Football." Read about it in the *Boston Globe* and the *Boston Herald*. Also, read what Patriots coach Bill Belichick had to say in the *Globe*.

Per usual, Belichick's more concerned with the matter at hand, Minnesota this Sunday.

"[The Vikings] use a lot of different people on offense," Belichick said in a press conference yesterday in reference to how Moss has performed for Minnesota so far. "They have a lot of depth at their skill positions. They play all three tight ends and all five receivers that are active. They have a lot of different personnel combinations out there.

"[Moss is] out there most of the time. Randy looks like Randy. He's a big weapon for them. He can do a lot of things. They used him probably a little bit less in that first game against the Jets, but he got plenty of action last week, even in the two-minute and things like that. He didn't play as much against the Jets in that situation, but he's out there most of the time...

"When you're talking about Minnesota, it depends on which team is playing them. Different teams have different philosophies about how they want to play defense, whether they want to run the plays that they want to run or how much they want to game plan for the offense and certain personnel.

"But, I would say just in general that Minnesota has a lot of weapons and Randy's definitely one of them, but so is Percy Harvin, so is [Visanthe] Shiancoe, so is [Adrian] Peterson. You can go right on down the line. They have a lot of players that can make a lot of big plays against you and certainly with [Jim] Kleinsasser and [Jeff] Dugan and [Naufahu] Tahi and their offensive line.

"Their running game is a big problem so we have to be careful how many guys you're going to commit to the passing game and then not be able to stop Peterson. In both the Green Bay game and the Jets game, neither team overloaded on anybody. They had to really defend the entire offense and that's really what they were trying to do."

We may be seeing more of Patriots safety Sergio Brown, who moved up from the practice squad last week. Brown signed a four-year deal with New England after stepping off the practice squad into the active roster. Read about it on the *New England Patriots Blog*. Brown came up huge last Sunday at the Chargers with a third-down stop of tight end Antonio Gates to quell San Diego's final drive.

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