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In today's News Blitz...  Here's the kicker: the Pats need one, New England offense admits its mistakes, takes lumps and prepares for Pitt. It's all in today's News Blitz..

** reported late yesterday that Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski may miss several games after experiencing tightness in his upper thigh during Sunday's pre-game warm-ups, which led to his departure in the second quarter. Coach Bill Belichick may have to sign a new kicker due to injury for the first time in his 11 years in New England.

Read similar stories in the *Boston Herald* and the *Boston Globe*.

The *Boston Herald* breaks down the Patriots offensive struggles last Sunday at Cleveland, in their 34-14 loss. The story cites younger receivers not running correct routes, wide out Wes Welker's double-coverage in the absence of Moss and Brandon Tate's not-so-threatening depth down field as major issues the Pats' O needs to remedy by next Sunday's matchup at Pittsburgh, the second game in row on the road.

Read more about New England's smarting second loss in the *Herald*.

Read about what the Patriots will do to prepare for Pittsburgh this Sunday, the first of three games in a 12-day span, in the *Boston Globe*.

No Blitz yesterday. If there was, this *Boston Globe* story, which appeared in Monday's paper, would have led. Read about Belichick's history with now Browns' head coach Eric Mangini. Poor execution and technical details aside, this Patriots' defeat was personal, according to the Globe.

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