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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Thu May 16 - 02:00 PM | Tue May 21 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 5/3/2007

Patriots players, past and present, are talking about the Randy Moss trade. And wait till you hear what they're saying! The News Blitz has it all this Thursday.

Now what?

After losing David Givens and Deion Branch last season, New England has loaded up on wide receiver talent this year. But just how will the team use its new weapons, like Randy Moss?

"I see Moss as a similar player [to Branch], a different type guy physically, but with the same skill sets," head coach Bill Belichick told "But I don't want to start [characterizing] him. He's Randy Moss. He's been a dynamic guy. And he'll make us better and make the wide receivers around him better. As to how, well, we're still figuring that out."

While the Pats got Moss, their rivals in Indy picked up another receiver with potentially great impact, according to another writer on

Elsewhere, former Patriot and current Browns linebacker Willie McGinest thinks the Moss trade is a coup for New England.

"I've seen guys come in from other places and fall right in line, and the guys who didn't, they got rid of immediately," McGinest says in a Sports Illustrated story on-line today.

"With Randy, people in there will be able to say to him, 'Listen -- if you want to win, you have to do X, Y and Z.' How many guys has he been around in the past who could say that to him with any authority? These are the types of players he's been losing to all these years and watching win Super Bowls, so he has to listen."

The SI piece also offers an opposing viewpoint from another former Patriot, who wasn't willing to reveal his identity like McGinest did. Meanwhile, other Pats players, like Rodney Harrison and Dan Koppen, are reacting positively to the move, as you'll hear on

And now that the NFL Draft is over, some experts are handing out grades. New England received one of the highest marks from And if you feel like grading all 32 teams, you can do so on

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