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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Apr 18 - 02:00 PM | Tue Apr 23 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 5/30/2008

Andrews fesses up, Smith looks to step up, and the jig could be up when it comes to Super Bowl jinxes. We'll explain in today's News Blitz.

Sounds like he's hoping sorry is good enough.

You may recall that just two days after New England's Super Bowl XLII loss, S Willie Andrews was charged with marijuana possession after a traffic stop. This week, after participating in the Patriots' passing camp here at Gillette Stadium, Andrews said he regretted the situation.

"Of course. It was a situation I shouldn't have been in in the first place, but we all make mistakes and you got to learn from those," Andrews told a crowd of reporters. "I just hated that it had to be that type of situation for me to learn from, but that's the hand I was dealt, so you got to play the cards."

On the field, meanwhile, Andrews' fellow third-year teammate, DL Le Kevin Smith, is doing his best to make a name for himself. That's quite a challenge on a New England defensive line that's loaded with big-name players.

“To me, it’s one thing to be a part of it, but it’s another to be a part of it and actually play in it,” Smith said this week. "That's what I'm hoping to achieve. It takes a lot of work and that man over there [head coach Bill Belichick] builds a big wall of trust. That's what really means a lot. You can be on the team and that's one thing, but it's another if he'll trust you enough to put you on the field."

And finally today, as points out, six of the last seven Super Bowl losers failed to make the playoffs the following season. So, a writer for that site took a close examination of the 2008 Patriots, to determine if the jinx will take hold of them.

His article gives several details why.

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