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Today's News Blitz is (almost) all about Asante Samuel. Find out what the cornerback's options are now that his deadline to sign a long-term deal with New England has passed.

Now what?

Asante Samuel's deadline for reaching a long-term agreement with the Patriots has come and gone, with no ink on a new contract. And it seems the two sides remain far apart.

"There's no way to quantify it, but it's not a situation where if we had had a few more hours it would have gotten done," agent Jay Bianco, one of the men who represents Samuel, told The Providence Journal.

"Obviously, we’re disappointed we didn’t strike a long-term basis, but, by the same token, he was aware of that being a possibility, so we move on," his other agent, Alonzo Shavers, told the *Boston Herald*.

"We're going to regroup," Bianco continued. "We'll advise him of his options, but ultimately the decision is up to him."

Those options, though limited, are the subject of almost every news story about the situation today. In addition to the media outlets mentioned above, local articles can be found in *The Boston Globe* and *Hartford Courant*.

One of Samuel's options is to sit out training camp (and possibly as far as Week 10 of the NFL season). Who would replace Samuel in the Pats' starting lineup if he doesn't show up? tries to answer that question. And takes a broader look at the main stories to focus on in Patriots training camp.

So, Samuel may not be signed, but apparently Clint Oldenburg has a new contract with New England. The rookie offensive lineman, who inked his deal at his alma mater, Colorado State University, told the Denver Post what he plans on doing with his $141,000 signing bonus.

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