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Replay: Best of Patriots Radio Thu Sep 21 - 04:00 PM | Sun Sep 24 - 10:40 AM News Blitz - 7/17/2008

See how the Patriots have set the example for another prominent AFC foe. Does last year's ending affect the upcoming season? Read about these topics in today's News Blitz.

The 'calm before the storm' is an accurate description of these days prior to the opening of camp, one week from today, here in Foxboro.

But with the new season approaching rapidly, general managers and coaches around the league are seeking to solidify a roster that would put them among the NFL's best. includes an article discussing one franchise's on-going struggle to take down the Patriots.

As we travel back east to New England, the Pats have their sights set on writing a different ending to the story come next February.

"In life, you don't reflect too much on what happened in the past. You try to learn from it and build on it," said QB Tom Bradyin a *Providence Journal *article. And learn is what the team will do come next Thursday when training camp opens.

The *Metro West Daily News *also takes a similar approach in examining how the Patriots will respond to near-perfection. At this time of the summer, this question appears to be the buzz surrounding New England.

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