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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots players addressed the media during open locker room access at Gillette Stadium on Friday, January 18, 2013. Read their quotes below leading into Sunday's AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens.


Patrick Chung, Safety
(On if the team is ready to play in the cold)
"Yeah, of course we are ready to go. That is kind of our advantage in the cold, but they are going to be here ready to play, so the weather really means nothing."

(On playing the Ravens multiple times in the playoffs)
"I think any team we are playing right now is our rival. We have a very good team coming in here with a lot of confidence. It's going to be a good game."

(On how exciting it is to play in an AFC Championship)
"It is awesome. Some teams don't ever get to this position, so it is a blessing. We've been working hard; they have been working hard. They deserve to be here and so do we. We are going to play and hopefully play a good game."

(On how he feels like it has been going on the field)
"We are working hard; we are focused and ready to ball out. It is a one-win season right now, so we have to make sure that we get a win so we can move on."

(On what separates Bill Belichick from other coaches during the playoffs)
"Keep it in perspective and keep calm. It is a playoff game. You can't do anything extra; just go out there and execute and keep doing what you've been doing and we will be fine."

Matthew Slater, wide Receiver
(On the significance of playing in front of the home crowd for Sunday's game)
"It means a lot. Our fans our tremendous. I remember this game last year and how loud they were. That makes it tough on an opponent to come into a loud, crazy environment. None the less, the Ravens are used to playing in that (environment) the way their own stadium is. It means a lot to be able to play here in front of our fans. We're excited about it. Hopefully we'll be able to feed off the crowd and have a good performance on Sunday."

(On the legacy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick who have been in this for a long time)
"Those guys have had tremendous success over the years, but I'm sure all they would tell you is that they only care about this game. I'm sure when their careers are over, they'll be able to look back and be able to really appreciate what they have done. Right now, we're just focused on the here and now. I'm sure they would tell you that same thing."

(On the confidence Tom Brady gives him leading into the game)
"It gives you a ton of confidence. In every game that we play in knowing that he's our leader. He's a competitor. No matter what the situation is within the game, he's calm and collected at all times. He's going to put or team in situations and positions to have success. That means a lot to have a guy like that under center."

Donald Thomas, Offensive Lineman
(On whather Shane Vereen is capable of another big performance)
"I know Shane has always had it in him. I saw him from college and I knew he was a talented back. He answered the call when it was his time to step up."

(On his emotions after witnessing Shane Vereen's performance last week)
"I was really happy for him. I was probably his biggest cheerleader out there. I was jumping up and down and going crazy for him. I'm still happy for him now."

(On what Shane Vereen's performance does for the offense and the offensive line)
"I know for him, it was a big boost from last year to this year and doing that so late in the season in such a big game for him. It's huge for him. Right now, he practices more confidently and he's more relaxed. He goes out there and just does his job. It makes our job easier when he knows what he really wants to do and how to hit those holes."

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