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Patriots Post-Game Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 41-0 win over the Washington Redskins at Gillette Stadium.

Dan Koppen, Center
(On his injury)
I'm not really worried about it because I've been in practice, I've been doing all of this stuff and really it hasn't felt worse the next day. I think we're [beyond]
that stage. Maybe we can come to it when I get some more play. Maybe it will be a different story but I don't anticipate it being that way.

(On starting)
I think the guys have played enough around me and they know what I'm going to do and this game was no different. The communication was there. Everybody was on the same page. We're just going to have work on that this week and continue improving.

(On making the line calls)
Everybody along the line makes the calls. It was back to normal.

(On being back)
I think it was more along the lines of my first game playing… just because I haven't played in nine months. Last night I was really exciting, having a little trouble sleeping thinking about it. But once that first snap is out, it's back to business.

(On why he only played the first series)
There was a play count on me. They wanted 12 or 15 [plays] and that first drive was 12 plays and that was it.

(On how it felt to get back on the field)
It felt good. It felt like one of my first games back. Just getting back out there with the guys, going full speed and being in the middle of the action was fun. The last nine months paid off on that first snap.

(On the importance of the preseason reps)
I think it is very important for me personally, just because you get a chance to test it out in real game situations. Practice is tough, but it is not a game. You don't have guys all around you. Mentally it felt good and I got better as I went out there. Mentally it is very helpful.

(On whether he took good hits on the shoulder)
Yeah. Everything I was supposed to do, I did. There were no problems. I went and cut a few guys and was able to and I didn't feel anything. It was good.

(On whether he was nervous getting back on the field)
I have been pretty excited from last night on knowing I was going to be out there playing. It is a game and once that first snap gets underway the nerves are gone. I was excited that first snap.

Junior Seau, Linebacker
(On his first game with the Patriots)
I had a lot of fun out there. Obviously, defensively and offensively we went out there and grew and took another step towards getting to the first game of the season. It was positive.

(On playing with Rodney Harrison again)
It was a reunion. It really was. Seeing Rodney back there, it is just a testament to him and what he has been able to do. With the injury that he had, for him to be out there running around and just walking today is a blessing number one. He is a tough guy, a tough cookie, and one of the leaders on this team. I take my hat off to him.

(On his comfortable level with the defense)
It is just the first step. I have a long way to go.

(On playing in Bill Belichick's defense)
This has just started. Hopefully it is going to be something we can all remember and be happy about.

(On whether playing in this defense is similar to playing in Nick Saban's defense last year)
It is a different position for me. Playing in the middle in not something I play. It is a learning process. Number one we have to make sure we stay healthy and number two as we get along towards the being of the season we have to be in full stride.

Benjamin Watson, Tight End
(On linebackers and safeties who can run with him)
Sure there are. There are plenty of them. The name of the game is to create mismatches. If you have the chance to do so,
that is what you have to do. But there are linebackers that are faster than tight ends and vice versa.

(On his relationship with Tom Brady)
I think it inevitably got better just because we've been working with each other a lot. There's still a long way to go. There are still some plays out there where we should have gone left and we went right.

(On getting open)
I was open a lot. The scheme they played allowed me to catch a lot of balls tonight and next week it might be another guy, but Tom [Brady] did a good job of finding me.

(On progression of the offense)
For the most part, I think we've gotten better from the first game… your main goal is to be ready for the season opener. We still have a few more steps to take, but I think we're light years ahead of where we were when training camp opened.

Richard Seymour, Defensive End
(On playing his first game of the preseason)
It feels good to have 55, 37 and 93 out there. It feels good to have all of us on the football field at the same time.

(On his play tonight)
It was good. I had some rust to knock off. I only played several plays. I didn't even play the whole first half. There is a lot of work still to do at this point. That is why it is the preseason. It is good to get in there and knock some of that rust off and build our way up to that first game.

(On having Junior Seau here)
We met a few times, but I really didn't know him personally. When he came in it was all hugs. He was glad to be here and we welcomed him with open arms. Even myself, when a guy comes in with Hall of Fame credentials, I'm looking to pick his brain to continue to learn and continue to add to the things I have done. I think he brings a lot to this football team. His presence is tremendous and can be a big help in this locker room. I think we have a good core group of guys, but you can never have too much.

Rosevelt Colvin, OLB
(On the return of Seymour and Harrison)
I think anytime you get healthy bodies out there it's a plus because it gives everyone else an opportunity to rest and obviously what they have done in their careers thus far is tremendous and you hope they can continue to play at a high level and create turnovers and what ever you need to do to get the job done.

(On the high amount of sacks tonight)
Well I think we approach the game each and every game the same way weather it be the regular season, preseason, or post season. We are going to go in and try to accomplish certain things and I think we felt like we needed to get more pressure, we needed to get to the quarterback.

Ellis Hobbs, CB
(On Rodney Harrison's Return)
Doctors can say whatever they want to say but he puts his faith in the lord and Jesus Christ and you know its just a testament he had a good group of supporters around him we just did nothing but hug him and love him up and you know he had to do some personal trials of his own. Day in and day out even on breaks when we had breaks he was in this locker room and in this training room getting ready and the whole time we knew he would be back.

(On Defense's Performance)
I think so, cause we are communicating out there. That's the big thing man. When we talk, we are on point, when we don't talk or when we get a miscommunication, that's when negative plays start happening. As long as we keep communication up and just fly around and have fun, everything will be alright.

Kevin Faulk, RB(On Improving from week to week)
Each week its just improve, and improve from the last two weeks, improve from the last three weeks, you know we are just trying to improve as a offense.

(On What you can take away from tonight's win)
As a coach and as a player that has been around a long time, you look at the film and look at the mistakes you made and that's what you can get out of it a game like this. You know we still have room for improvement.

(On Being better than three weeks ago)
I'm not gonna say we were a lot better but we are more consistent right now and that's our goal to be consistent and improve each week.

(On Koppen returning)
Having a guy like that back is like having a guy like Rodney Harrison back. It's the same thing. You love playing with these guys and love being on the field with these guys.

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