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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 11/5/2006

New England Patriots players comment on the loss to the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium

Artrell Hawkins, Safety

(On how the secondary was affected with Rodney Harrison out)

He is a good player. Obviously, we didn't expect to lose him in the first couple plays of the game. He prepared all week to play. It was a big blow when he was out, but we have to make the adjustment and be professionals about it and make the plays we need to make.

(On the Indianapolis offense and whether they are predictable)

It is not about knowing what they are going to do per se. They execute very well week in and week out. They just played better than we did.

(On whether is was surprising that the turnover differential favored the Colts by so much)

It is the same old story. If you lose the turnover battle, there is not a high percentage chance that you are going to win the game. It doesn't feel good. We just have to get back to work and get better.

Ellis Hobbs, Cornerback

(On whether the defense improved in the second half)

I think so. We did a good job of mixing it up. Peyton [Manning] is the type of guy where if you show something two or three times in a row, he is going to figure it out. Coming back in the second half and mixing it up with our techniques and moving on and moving off, with Dean [Pees] making some calls and Bill [Belichick] making some calls, we collectively as a group did a good job of adjusting.

(On losing Rodney Harrison early in the game)

It is the same story here. Guys get hurt. It is the NFL. It is part of the game. That is why everybody gets paid. Everybody has to come in and be ready. Chad [Scott] did a great job with me moving to corner. Playing them we held our own back there, but even though we still have to make more plays back there.

(On whether there were adjustments made in the secondary when Harrison went down)

Yes, I think so communicating wise and trying to figure things out. It is almost like the ship gets rocked a little bit and you have to get it back steady again. I think we did a great job as time went on. Even in the first half we did a better job of adjusting. We did an even better job in the second half.

(On the Marvin Harrison touchdown)

That is why Marvin is Marvin. We were jawing a little bit. I made my play and he made his play. He made better ones. Even if I had a good hand on my left side, I don't think I could have gotten that. Peyton [Manning] and Marvin have this connection where he put it where no one else can get it. He almost put it so well that even Marvin couldn't get it. I guess his little skinny frame and length on him got him the ball. That happens ... good plays happen. My hats off to him.

Tedy Bruschi, Linebacker

(On how frustrating it was to stop them and then get a penalty called)

You can't give them anything. You can't give the Colts anything because they are an offense that can get plenty on their own. When you give them gifts like that, especially when you have third down stops it just keeps their drives going. You have to play more clean than that. That is something that we have prided ourselves on to not get penalties and turnovers and both of those things didn't go well for us tonight.

(On how the team will regroup)

We go to work. We come back in tomorrow and go to work and get ready for the Jets. It is really simple. We put this one behind us. It hurts right now to lose a game like that. It is a rivalry with that team in the other locker room, especially to see Adam [Vinatieri] kick for them and everything. You want to beat this team. For them to come in here and beat us, it hurts a little bit. You have to put it behind you and come in tomorrow. It has to be fast because we have to get back to work and we dive back into our division again this week.

(On the difference in feeling from last week to this week)

That is why we try not to get too high on ourselves after we win a game like that and when we lose a game like this we don't want to get too low on ourselves either. We are going to move on as best we can. We are going to work on the improvements. We obviously made some mistakes this game. We will try to fix those. More importantly, we have to get back into work tomorrow and focus on New York.

Dan Koppen, Center

(On whether it is disappointing that the team played sloppy in such a big game)

Losing is bad enough as it is. We don't want to lose around here. Every time we do lose, you feel the same way. Hopefully we will come in tomorrow and try to look at the tape and learn from it and move on after tomorrow.

(On how frustrating the loss was)

It was frustrating just the fact that we lost. It doesn't really matter that we lost to Indianapolis or whoever. We lost a game. We just didn't make enough plays to win the game. That is on us.

(On whether it will be tough to move on after this loss)

We are going to come in tomorrow and look at the tape. We will move on from it. We have guys in here that know how to do that. We will come back from this. Right now it is a tough one to swallow.

(On the turnovers and how they affected the game)

Five turnovers against that team, you are not putting yourself in good odds to win the game, especially with that offense that they have. With the two-minute drive ... Kevin [Faulk] has the surest hands on the team and he makes that play 10 out of 10 times usually. It is one of those things where it wasn't happening. That is our fault. They made enough plays to win and game and we didn't.

Reche Caldwell, Wide Receiver

(On the game and if he felt they could win)

We always thought we were going to win. The defense did a great job getting the ball back. We just couldn't capitalize on the turnovers. They (Colts) were able to capitalize on our turnovers. We just couldn't capitalize on theirs. We came out thinking we would play well and we just didn't. We probably played our worst game of the year against one of the best teams in the league, and you can't play like that against a team of that caliber.

(On if the Colts did anything they didn't expect)

They did everything we expected them to do. We just couldn't put enough points on the board and that was the point breaker. We missed a lot of opportunities. They missed a couple of field goals. I thought we were in it the whole game. We just couldn't capitalize on the mistakes. That's all.

Kevin Faulk, Running Back

(On if the Colts did anything different)

I have been here eight years. There is no surprise. You know what you are going to get when you play the Colts and they did it.

(On Troy Brown breaking the record)

I wish it wasn't overshadowed by a lost. He is a great guy and it couldn't happen to a better guy. You get a record like that with a lot of hard work and knowing what you have to do.

(On if playing against an offense like the Colts puts pressure on you to play better)

I think you want to be the best when you step on the field no matter who you play against. I think you want to be a consistent team on offense, defense and on special teams. I just don't think we did that tonight.

Rosevelt Colvin, Outside Linebacker

(On the Colts completing the 44-yard pass on third down)

They are the greatest team in football and that's what happens when you're the greatest team. Things like that go your way and it definitely went their way all night.

(On the impact this loss has on the team)

The Jets game is the biggest game of the year because it's the next game...we need to come in tomorrow and take a look at the film and make adjustments and try to make it better because we are definitely not good enough right now.

(On if the Colts did anything different than they have in the past)

Same old Colts. Like I said earlier, they are the greatest team in football. They proved it and came in here and gave it to us and they are going home happy.

(On how unusual it was for the Patriots to turn over the ball so much)

We didn't step up and make plays, and play the way we should play. It's disappointing just like the Broncos game. When you go out and don't play well and you know you have the talent and the coaching, it eats away at you. We kept turning over the ball so many times and gave up big plays in the passing game. Like I said, they did what they needed to do.

Richard Seymour, Defensive End

(On the loss, Colts starting field position, and Vinatieri's field goal misses)

We just didn't do it tonight and we have to think about the next game. You can't put a team like that on a short field but like I said, we had our opportunities. Adam missed a kick and I just want to point that out. We just didn't create enough turnovers and gave up too many.

Troy Brown, Wide Receiver

(On breaking record)

It doesn't feel very good right now. We lost the game so that's really the only thing on my mind right now. I'm going to go home and think about that for the rest of the night, and try to get myself ready to go for next week against the Jets.

(On when breaking the record will set in)

When I'm done playing. Tonight wasn't a good night. There's nothing to be happy about right now. We lost. I told everybody that it wouldn't mean much if we lost the game. That's where we stand right now. Maybe it will be something that I look back on when I'm done playing, but right now I'm not too happy about the outcome

(On the turnovers)

We knew going into the game that when you play a team like that, you have to protect the ball. If you can't force any turnovers, at least don't give it to them. We gave it to them five times. Our defense came out in the second half and played great. We just, on our side of the ball, couldn't get anything going in the second half, consistently anyway... and putting the ball in the end zone. But you have to give credit to them. They came out and played tough after getting bashed in the media about their defense. They came out and they played us tough and made the plays that they needed to make. They got the turnovers and they beat us.

(On the taunting penalty)

I still don't know what happened. He apologized to me. I told him that the ball boy was standing right next to him, and I usually toss the ball to the ball boy after I get up off the ground. It's what I've done my whole career. Later on at the end of the first quarter, he apologized to me. He said, 'if I made a mistake, then I apologize,' and I said, 'You did.' I don't know the reason for it. For me to get up and throw a ball at somebody...common sense would tell you that a player's not going to just stand up, look at the ref and throw the ball right at the player's head. He called it, but we overcame it. We had that big play down the sideline to get us out of that jam. It wasn't a good call, but I guess he was just doing his job.

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