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Patriots Postgame Quotes

The Patriots were defeated by the San Diego Chargers 41-17 at Gillette Stadium.  Several players commented on the game:

Richard Seymour, DL
(On Today's game and the Pass Rush)
It was non-existent (the pass rush), and we just got to get better. It is plain and simple. It just wasn't good enough. We won a game and we lost a game and we won a game and we lost a game, its just not good enough. We give credit to those guys, they did a good job, and had a good scheme. We just didn't match their level of intensity. They could run the ball and they threw the ball, we were just off balance. I give credit to their coaching staff and their players. They came in and were ready to go and we were not.

It is just a matter of getting better, from the front all the way to the back. They just beat us at what they did. We knew they were going to come in and try to establish the running game, and they were able to do that. Also, in the passing game they hit some long passes on the DB's. We were just kept off balance all day long and we just never got in a rhythm. Our offense did a pretty good job out there, but defensively did not give them any help.

Troy Brown, WR
(On today's game)
It was all down hill after the first half. We couldn't do anything right and they did everything right. The defense was out there a lot today, mainly because we couldn't put together a drive. I think we only ran 15 plays in the second half. Everything we couldn't do on offense they did and that is why they won the game.

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver
(On San Diego's defense)
They had a great game plan. We didn't do a good job of adjusting, but they had a great game plan. They didn't pick up some things that we did in the first half. At halftime they did a great job of going in and changing some things around. We just played bad ball, actually. That is just the bottom line. We know sometimes going into a game that the defense is going to draw up some things to keep you from doing certain things. They did a great job, with a great game plan. You always want to defend home but you are not going to win every game. This league is so hard and you have to capitalize on mistakes and we didn't do a good job of that. We didn't help our defense out by staying on the field. We just played bad.

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver
(On injuries)
This is the NFL, people get paid to come in here and work and if there are injuries other people have to step up.

Tim Dwight, Wide Receiver
(On the loss and his performance)
A loss is a loss. The toughest part is losing, no matter how you play. Offensively, coming out in the first drive (of the second half) we made some mistakes and they did a good job of moving around. We just didn't get it done. We have to move the ball on them because their team is going to score a lot of points. I played with them (the Chargers) for four years and I was pretty impressed with them all the time I was on the field with them. They have good players and they showed that today. I think they just stepped up and played well and put us in a lot of long situations.

(On San Diego)
They came in here and did what they had to do. They had a great deal of offensive weapons and they used them all.

Rosevelt Colvin, Linebacker
(On the Chargers running game)
Regardless of what kind of defense we were playing and regardless of what kind of blocking schemes they had there were creases. The object of the defense is you want to build a wall and put up a front so they don't have anywhere to run. When guys get out of gaps or somebody overplays a run one way or another you have cutback lanes. We knew coming into the game what we had to do and we didn't accomplish it as they put up 41 points and did pretty much whatever they wanted to do with the ball. They were able to scheme and do whatever they needed to do to get first downs and get into the endzone.

Logan Mankins, Offensive Line
(On today)
I am not really sure what happened out there today. Whatever, it wasn't good. We went sour in the second half.

(On the running game)
I thought in the first half we were running the ball well. In the second half we had to get away from it once we got behind (in the score). Today we had a breakdown. People were blocking the wrong guys and someone got free in the backfield to make the tackle.

(On negative yardage running plays)
Today we had a breakdown. People were blocking the wrong guys and someone got free in the backfield to make the tackle.

Duane Starks, CB
(On today's Game and the play of the secondary)
I don't think anyone expected them to play the game they did. They came up and fought hard and got all of the big plays and they won the game. We just have to correct our mistakes and build from our last win. We need to get through this week and get ready for next week. I don't think we played well at all, we gave up third down conversions, and we gave up touchdowns and we can't do that against a team like San Diego nor can we do against a team like Atlanta next week. We got to go out there and play a great defensive game and great secondary game, that's expected of us.

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