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Patriots postgame quotes

New England Patriots players offer there comments from the locker room on their 28-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Corey Dillon, RB(On the game)
The outcome is what is important and we won the game. Whenever I get the opportunity to go in there I want to be productive and me and Kevin (Faulk) we kind of mix it up and that keeps them off balance. For the most part we got the job done.

(On Jacksonville's defense)
They are big and aggressive and they play the run very well. We knew we were going to have a tough time running the ball. When we ran it we just wanted to pound it up in there and get a couple of yards and try and wear them down. We eventually were going to hit them with some play action and try and go deep on them. We mixed it up pretty good and it worked out to our advantage.

(On playing with the Patriots)
It is special and the last two years have been the best of my career, and hopefully they get better. I am enjoying the ride. I play with a great bunch of guys, a great owner, great coaches and I just happy I am here.

Troy Brown, WR(On the game)
It was a tough physical game and this is a very physical team. We had to put everything we had into it. We made some plays in the second half to get us over the top. It is playoff time and you have to do whatever it takes to win. We were shorthanded so I had to go back there and play. Its tough but if you lose one game you are out and I am not trying to go out. I am putting everything I got into it. There are things we need to improve on and get better by next week, because it doesn't get any easier from here.

Benjamin Watson, TE(On the long play)
I fumbled the ball earlier so I was just trying to hold on. I was still on my feet and I just ran. That was all that happened. While it was happening most of your senses shut down and you are just trying to play football. When I got to the sidelines and got a chance to see what actually happened, and it looked pretty good.

(On the fumble)
Andre' Davis saved me. That was a big mistake that I made and I was just happy that he was there. That play is a tribute to him (Davis) hustling.

Asante Samuel, CB(On the pick)
I was just reading the quarterback and I saw the guy breakout. I kind of baited him to it and believed what I saw and took the ball. I read his eyes and the receivers on the play. Once I caught the ball and had it I knew I was going to the house. I wasn't going to let the quarterback catch me. If he would have caught me I would of never heard the end of it.

(On Secondary play)
It is playoff time and we had to take it to another level. We just tried to play Patriots football the way it should be played.

(On the pass rush)
It was tremendous. They got the quarterback riled up today. Congratulations to Willie (McGinest). He works hard and plays hard.

Rosevelt Colvin, LB(On Asante Samuel)
We focused on getting turnovers and taking them into the end zone. Asante (Samuel) made a great read. He read the quarterback and then the receiver.

(On Willie McGinest)
Mac (McGinest) was off the chain today. He is a veteran. He gets it done regardless of the situation. He showed today why he has been in the league for twelve years and why he has been so successful. We are fortunate to have him on our team.

(On playing well)
It always feels good to play well. It always feels good to hold a team to three points, and to go out and do the things you are supposed to do; the things you worked on all week long, and for that to turn into success on game day. It's a result of guys just committing themselves to what we need to do doing the week and when it comes down to Sunday they can continue to do that. If we can continue to prepare this week like we did last week, and put ourselves in a position, hopefully we can come out with another victory next week.

(On Leftwich)
We knew he was a good quarterback coming in and it was up to us to do the things we need to do to shut him down. We knew he had a great arm, we knew he could move in the pocket a little bit. He's proven that week in and week out that he's had an opportunity and play. So it was up to us to make that task a little bit more difficult.

Mike Vrabel, LB(On Willie McGinest)
I think that since I have been here Willie ( McGinest) was a guy that leads by example. He is a guy you want to hitch your wagon to and you want to follow him. You want to try and out work him and you want to try an emulate him. He is a professional in every sense of the word on and off the football field. He symbolizes everything that Mr. Kraft wants out of this organization. It is great to see him (McGinest) have success.

Eugene Wilson, S(On team performance)
We are jelling at the right time. We went out there today and had a great showing. You know - everybody was jelling, and it turn out right for us.

(On defensive backs performance)
We've been working hard all season you know. I mean we've had our ups and downs, and as of late, you know we've been playing real well. Today was a great showing of it, and – you know, everybody was on the right page and doing the right thing, and it paid off.

(On importance of big plays)
The big plays were the real key, because for a while there it was a tight game. Those big plays really kind of broke it open, and we really needed them.

Richard Seymour, DL(On playing well and Jacksonville's performance)
You know, we just take it one game at a time. There are a lot of good football teams out there, and we are fortunate to be one of them. We are just living to fight another day. Yeah, they threw everything at us, and they did what they could. Obviously in a ball game like that, they are going to give it their best shot – who wouldn't.

(On Jaguars QB)
Oh, he's a strong guy in the pocket. But I thought our defensive backs did a pretty good job today, and obviously Willie did a good job – coming off the end and getting pressure. We put together a pretty solid game, and I thought it all started with the running game.

Kevin Faulk, RB
(On the Game)
You can't be concerned when you come in at halftime. You have to go over your adjustments and come back out and do better than what you had done in the first half.
That the way this team operates, you have to be ready go each and every time that the opportunity comes. That may have been the best run I have seen by a tight end in awhile.

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