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Patriots Postgame Quotes

The New England Patriots fall to 2-1 on the season with a loss to the Denver Broncos at Gillette Stadium. The following are postgame comments from the players.

Doug Gabriel, Wide Receiver

(On the feeling of the team after his touchdown)

"You feel like you are always in it. You never count yourself out. That is one thing I like about this team. We never count ourselves out and I love it. We just keep it going. We are going to do that all year and I love it. We are never out of a game."

(On whether it was frustrating not getting in the game in the first half)

"No, not actually. They come back to the sideline and I tell them what I see. I'm a team player and I tell them what I see and what we should look out for."

(On whether there was a reason why he wasn't on the field in the first half)

"No there was no reason. We all work together. It wasn't my time. I just have to wait until my number is called."

Daniel Graham, Tight End

(On the play of the offense)

"We didn't make any plays on offense. We know we can't do that if we plan to get wins out of this league."

(On the struggles of the run game)

"It is frustrating not being able to run the ball. We have been doing that the last couple of games and been running pretty well. We have to go back to the drawing board and see what we did wrong here and move on."

(On whether the offense is getting frustrated as a whole)

"Today was a rough day for us. It was frustrating today not being able to move the ball and do what we do. Like I said we have to get back to the drawing board and see where we messed up and get better."

(On whether the Denver defense did anything unexpectedly)

"No, they didn't do anything differently. We didn't execute on offense. We have to do a better job in the run game and the passing game."

Asante Samuel, Cornerback

(On whether he felt there were bad officiating calls)

"I don't get into that. It is what it is. Bad calls or good calls, you have to deal with it and make up for it."

(On Javon Walker's long touchdown)

"It was over-the-top coverage. Anyone of us should have made the play. It is not on him, but on me too. Either one of us should have made the play."

(On preparing for the Cincinnati game)

"You saw what was out there tonight. We have a lot to work on. We have to go out and watch the film and practice hard like we know how to do and go out and play Patriots football."

Ty Warren, Defensive End

(On the success of the Denver ground game)

"They broke a couple of big runs here and there. It wasn't like it was happening the whole day, but at the same time those are plays that you wish didn't happen or wish you could have back. That is a special team over there. They made plays and you can say that they had the upper hand as far as some of those big plays."

(On the success of the Broncos run game compared to the playoffs last year)

"It was an execution thing and a scheme thing. There is a lot of time between last year and when we played them today. They came out and did a couple of things that they would usually do that is really not tabbed as a Broncos running scheme. They came out and did some different things. That is a credit to them and hats off to them. They did a good job today."

Ben Watson, Tight End

(On what the Pats didn't do)

We didn't play well on offense. Hats off to their defense. They did a great job. On offense, obviously we want to put points on the board, and we didn't do that. We didn't fulfill our goal.

(On Tom's frustration)

Tom's a competitor. He lets you know if he's not happy with what is going on. That's what makes him great a great quarterback, leader and motivator.

(On Doug Gabriel)

He came in when his number was called and he was ready to go. That's all you can ask.

(On Denver's defense)

The defense played well. My hat's off to them. They deserved to win. They played well. We also didn't execute as good as we needed to.

(On not having Corey Dillon late in the game)

Any time you lose a running back like Corey it's going to hurt, but we have great running backs with Laurence [Maroney] and Heath [Evans] and [Keith] Faulk. They come and do their thing.

Dan Koppen, Center

(On the loss)

It came down to execution and consistency and we didn't have that. We had some drives going and we just stalled in the middle of them. We really just couldn't get anything going the whole night. They played well. We really didn't play well enough. It's one of those deals.

(On the running game)

I think it is definitely disappointing around here that we couldn't get it going. It's just one of those things. It was a bad night for everybody. We have to come back next week and practice stuff.

(On Denver's scheme)

They played it pretty straight. It just came down to execution and we didn't have it.

Rosevelt Colvin, LB

(On if the loss was a surprise)

"I wouldn't say it surprised us. We are just disappointed in our performance but you know they are a good football team. Their coaching staff is a good coaching staff and they got good quality players."

(On if the Defense felt like they needed to make a big play to help the offense)

" We always go out there and expect ourselves to make a play and try to turn the tide. Weather the offense is scoring 50 or not scoring at all, we are going to try to do what we can to get them the ball as many times as we can."

(On Defense's performance)

" I don't think we played well, we gave up too many points. We gave up more than our offense scored, so that doesn't sit well with any of the guys on the defense. Regardless if you say we played well, we didn't play well because we didn't win the game and I think that's the most important thing. Fortunately enough, this isn't the end of the season like it was last year and we have 13 games left in the regular season to get to where we want to be."

Tedy Bruschi, LB

(On if the loss was a surprise)

" I don't know, we expected to play well and play better than we did but we didn't. We got beaten but we have to come back tomorrow and get ready for another team."

(On what was the difference tonight)

" It was more than one thing. I wish I could put my finger on it but I think they just played better than we did and that was a big play in the 4th quarter when they got 7 points on us on that long pass. Our offense tried to get us back the best they could, but defensively we needed to make more plays and I don't think we caused a turnover again tonight and I think that's a problem we have and have to work on."

(On if it was frustrating that they had Denver on their goal line multiple times and couldn't stop them)

" We talk in the huddle and we want to hold them down there and get our offense good field position. They converted on some third downs and made some good runs to get out of being backed up like that. I know it seems like last time we played them, but we need to give them credit because they made the plays against us again tonight."

(On if they threw any surprises at the Patriots)

" No, we had a good week of preparation and that's the thing that is so disappointing because we really worked hard this week and put in our time and were really prepared. It was tough the way the season ended last year and we wanted to put out a good performance and to beat this team. To come out and play like we did, they were able to do the things they did and that's very disappointing."

(On what makes Denver's running game so tough to defend)

" It's a combination of things. They got offensive linemen who block well and Tatum Bell hit the hole hard and was able to break some tackles and make some big runs on us that usually don't happen."

Richard Seymour, DL

(On the defense's performance )

" They just made more plays than we did tonight. They put up more points on the scoreboard, and we didn't put up enough and that's the bottom line. We still got a lot of work to do and we are facing a good football team next week and our work is cut out for us. We just have to go back and watch the film and look at what we did wrong and correct our problems."

(On not being able to shut down Denver at their goal line)

" Like I said, we just didn't do a good enough job. I felt like we just didn't get in a rhythm and when we had them we just didn't close the door. We didn't make the plays when we needed to make them and we just didn't get off the field when we needed to. We didn't put up any points on the scoreboard and we didn't help ourselves. Defensively, we are not putting up any turnovers and not giving the offense more chances to put up points on the scoreboard."

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