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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 27-21 win over the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 4, 2009.

Gary Guyton, Linebacker
(On the Patriots' defensive stops in the fourth quarter)

"It was big for us, to come in and stop them on fourth-and-one. That's always a good play, especially with the time on the clock. We're coming together and playing well. It happens as the season goes along. It's an experience thing. You learn more as you go along."

(On the play of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco)

"He's throwing the ball and I'm just trying to be on the ball as much as I can. He gave us some good opportunities, gave me a shot, so I just make the plays that come to me. It was pretty good for me today. He's a good quarterback, he has good mechanics and he can run a little bit."

(On the play of the defense)

"If anybody gets a hand on the ball for us, it's good for the defense. We're just taking it day-by-day and playing the team that's scheduled for us."

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver(On his rhythm with Tom Brady today)

"Yeah, I felt like it was pretty good. There were definitely some errors, things we could've done better."

(On the Ravens defense)

"They're a great defense, and they have been for quite a number of years now. We knew that we had to come out and bring our best game. We did some things really well out there, and there were some things that we really need to work on."

(On getting back to game speed)

"I've been in this offense a few years now, so I understand the concepts and what we're going to see in the coverage they're going to run. For the most part, I feel like it was alright."

(On whether he felt 100 percent)

"I don't know a certain percentage, or anything like that. But during the football season everybody's going to have some bangs, and bruises, and things like that. You're never really going to be a full 100 percent."

James Sanders, Safety
(On the play of Joe Flacco)

"He's a good quarterback, real talented. If you let him sit back there and have time to read the defense and make some throws, he can hurt you. We pressured him a lot and got a couple hits on him today. They have a real potent offense, a lot of good timing routes and he makes all the throws. "

(On the play of the defense)

"Whenever you play a good team and you go out there and make big stops, when you manage to get off the field on third down and make big plays defensively against a good offense, that gives us a lot of confidence going forward. "

(On the fourth down stops by the Patriots defense)

"On fourth down when you make the stop, it gives our team momentum, gets the crowd into it and it gets the offense going to start the next series. Those fourth down stops are huge. "

(On the play of the secondary)

"We have a lot of guys who love the challenge. Coach [Bill Belichick] puts us in man-to-man situations and we have guys who look for touchdowns and step up and make big plays at big times so far this year. We hope to continue to get better and improve as a secondary."

Adalius Thomas, Linebacker
(On shutting down the Ravens offense on 4th down plays)

"That's situational football. On 4th down you have to have it and being able to know the situation and being able to know how to respond."

(On the Patriots' defense performance)

" I think we left a lot of plays out there but other than that we won. It wasn't pretty but at the same time you take that and learn from your mistakes and try to get better."

Brandon Meriweather, Safety(On the 4th down stop on defense in the 4th quarter)

"Coach put us in a great call. We just happened to do exactly what we were coached and situational football is something we practice every day."

(On how impressive Joe Flacco is)

"He was very impressive. He controlled the safeties well and was doing things I don't see many quarterbacks doing. For instance, he was controlling the safeties well with his eyes and looking us off and making good reads. "

(On the recent performance by the Patriots defense)

"I'm happy with the win but I think we have a lot to improve on. We gave up too many big plays and couldn't get off the field on third down. We did a lot of things that good defenses don't do so we have a lot of work to do. "

(On the Patriots defense deflecting a lot more balls this game)

"We are just playing more aggressive and we are not letting them catch the hitches and outs. Coach is putting us in situations where we can play and that's pretty much what's been going on. "

Dan Koppen, Center
(On Tom Brady running the ball today)

"When he sees it and its there he is not afraid to take it. We have seen him in the past just go and dive in there. He is a competitor and wants to get the ball in the end zone no matter which way he can. "

(On racing Dwan Edwards for the fumble)

"It was pretty close but I didn't have the jets to get it done on that one. "

(On the Patriots offensive performance the last few weeks)

"I think we are building and getting more confident every time we go out there. We just need to keep building on this and keep getting better at the things we are doing well and improve on the things we didn't do as well. I think all the guys are on the same page. The communication is getting better and everyone is seeing the game in the same set of eyes. "

(On how good the Ravens actually are)

"They're as good as advertised. The guys that play that defense know it and they play it well. They have a lot of good football players on that team. You have to fight for every yard you get against them and we knew that coming in. Fortunately, we were able to make a couple more plays than they were."

(On how important it was to stick with the running game)

"You have to keep throwing them in there. Hopefully those one and two yard gains in the first half become three or four in the second half."

(On not converting the opening kick fumble recovery into a touchdown)

"You have to just move on from that. Special team made a great play to open up the game and we would have liked six [points]. There's no doubt about it. But, we got three [points]; we got on top of them early and just played it from there."

Darius Butler, Cornerback
(On the fourth-down stop to secure the win)

"[Mark Clayton] was just running a quick hitch route at the sticks to get the first down. I don't know, I think the ball might have bounced off him before I could make a play on it. Then [Brandon] McGowan came over to finish him off. It was a good way to get off the field to end the game."

(On his pass breakup in the end zone on Baltimore's final drive)

"I didn't turn around to look for the ball, I just waited for him to put his hands up and I knocked it out on the sideline. It was a crucial situation, I was kind of amped up."

(On if he was surprised that the game came down to the last minute)

"Oh, no. It's the NFL, so any game can come down to the wire like that. We just know we have to play every play."

Sammy Morris, Running Back
(On if it was an emotional game)

"Yeah. The Ravens, we thought we had them down but they started coming back. It was just one of those tough slugfests and at that end we were able to pull it out. When we were making those big plays - especially for me - the emotions came out."

(On what it means to the offense to have Wes Welker back)

"Wes is one of the toughest guys I've ever been around. He makes those plays, he's so quick off the ball and makes a smart read. Again, he's a big [component] for us."

(On playing fullback, as well as other positions)

"When I first came, something Coach Belichick always talked about was that will to find our own roles by what we're able to do and show them that we can do it. So it is what it is."

Leigh Bodden, Cornerback
(On if it was important to get the defense's first interception of the season)

"Definitely. Coach talked about getting interceptions. Hopefully that starts it up and gets everybody going to get some interceptions. We had a lot of tipped balls - balls that were up in the air - and unfortunately guys weren't around. But they're going to come, so we just have to keep being patient and play good defense and they'll come."

(On the defense playing more aggressively)

"It's the guys, it's schematically, it's everything. This is just a team working together for one goal. Everybody's gelling, everybody's doing their job to the best of their ability, and we're definitely going to stay hungry and stay aggressive to get a lot of balls."

(On the defense being underrated because everyone has been talking about the offense)

"Well, that's you guys talking about the offense (laughs). Maybe y'all gotta start talking about us a little more. No, we can stay under the radar, it doesn't matter. We're just a good defense and we're going to go out there and play. We don't care about getting the glory or anything like that. We want to get wins and that's all that matters at the end of the day."

Brandon McGowan, Safety
(On the first of two fourth-down stops in the fourth quarter)

"It wasn't me. It was the rest of the team. My guy blocked. I filled the hole. Gary [Guyton] hit him and we stopped him."

(On how it feels when the defense comes through on fourth down)

"It feels good. It lets you know that we're a tough team, a tough defense, and that we can make some plays."

Benjamin Watson, Tight End
(On what has impressed him about the team)

"The resilience of the team, just fighting against odds, against some bad performances in the beginning and just coming to practice and working."

(On this week's red zone performance)

"It was a lot better. We still have a ways to go. We're not as efficient as we want to be, but we're building."

(On the 'spread the ball' philosophy used in the game)

"Yeah we definitely want to get back to using a lot of personnel groups, spreading the ball, getting a lot of people involved. I think that's sometimes when we're at our best-- when there's a lot of people involved in the game plan."

(On the fourth-down stops made by the defense)

"Huge. I mean, the defense was on the field last. They made the stop and we won the game, so that was big for us.

Mike Wright, Defensive Line
(On whether the defense is gaining confidence each week)

"Yeah, I think so. Every week it seems like everybody is coming together a little bit more. There's better communication out there and especially with just getting comfortable with guys out there-- knowing what other guys are doing and playing off their pass rush and everything."

(On whether the defense is underrated)

"I don't care if nobody talks about us, as long as we win games. There's good offenses out there and especially like this one today with two great backs. They're hard to get down. They're hard to stop. As long as we come out with the victory at the end is all that matters."

Shawn Springs, Cornerback(On the secondary's play)

"I think the guys that are here now, came in with the attitude that we were just going to work as hard as possible."

(On playing different positions)

"It means I have to study a lot. What I was brought in here to do was to be a veteran guy who can play in multiple spots, learn, study. Being a student of the game, I took on that challenge."

(On the Patriots' stop on fourth and one)

"We needed that. It came down to us-the defense-we're asked to sometimes put it on our shoulders, and we had the chance to stop them. Today, we did it."

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