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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/28/2008

New England Patriots players comment on their 19-14 preseason loss against the New York Giants at Giants Stadium on Thursday, August 28, 2008.

Wide Receiver Chad Jackson

On making a touchdown catch...
Yeah it felt real good. We were down and trying to make a comeback with the second team offense in. We were pushing up and down the field; it was a good touchdown drive.
Kevin (O'Connell) is a good quarterback. He saw different coverage at the line of scrimmage and changed the play and I went up and made the play.

On the interception in the end-zone...
I was just going for the ball. It was me and the DB, I knew it was going to be physical but I got my feet caught up a little bit going for the ball.

On the touchdown route...
It was the same one from last week.

Quarterback Matt Gutierrez

On his amount of playing time...
Experience is valuable especially in my position. You see new things and get put in different situations. I had some come up tonight that I will learn from and handle better next time.

On his interception...
Those kinds of things happen in the game. Throughout the course of the game the important thing for us is to overcome. We just came up short again.

On this week's final cuts...
It is a stressful time for a lot of people. I know that I have worked hard and played hard and now you can't control what decisions are made.

Quarterback Kevin O'Connell

On his touchdown run...
We put in a little draw there and ran it a couple of times. Once again the line, I don't know whether they were catching their second wind or not, but they were really getting off the ball and BenJarvus (Green-Ellis) was running the ball really well. We sprinkled in a couple passes there and more importantly had good field position to work with and we were able to get a couple scores on the board. We wanted to win the game if we got the ball back.

Defensive Linemen Jarvis Green

On his preseason performance...
Me, individually, I'm a guy that needs to take the repetitions, to take the snaps, and get the rust off from the off-season. For me, it is very important.

On the team's preseason performance...
Everyone individually has to go out there and perform and play for themselves first to become a team.

On today's performance...
We had a bad day, but we need to put that behind us and move on.

On being 100 percent after missing pre-season games...
I have a lot of work left to do, still a lot left to gain. I wish I could have played more tonight but that's the way it is. The other guys got out there and got there repetitions, so I'll be ready for next week.

Any concerns from the pre-season...
No concerns at all. It's time for us to move forward to next week. We had our problems but we have to go out there and get ready for tomorrow so we can get better.

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