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Patriots Quotes - 10/26/2012

New England Patriots players comment on arriving in London and their upcoming game against the St. Louis Rams during media access on Friday, October 26, 2012.



(On the nuances of his position)

"That's a good question. I think every position is hard to learn and hard to do. I don't know what really stands out. I think you have to have a good mixture of quickness, but you have to be strong as well."

(On the flight over being business as usual)

"Yeah, I mean, it's a long flight, but we flew to Seattle not too long ago and it's kind of like the same distance I guess, with a little time distance along the way."

(On how he started playing football and if it was just based on size)

"Yeah, I was tall. I don't think I was that big. I just tried it out one time and I liked it. I liked the physicality of it and the team sport approach and I guess I just got hooked on it."

(On how nice it is to see the NFL grow in Europe)

"I think it's great. I think when I first started the media coverage wasn't what it is. I don't think anything competes with soccer, but I think it's growing. I think it's great and bringing the game over here to London, I think it's a great first strep to grow the sport

(On how often he gets back to Germany)

"I try to. I still have family over here who are in Germany and I try to visit them."

(On why NFL Europe might have been more successful in Germany than other countries)

"I don't know. I can't really talk about other countries, but I think the fans embraced it. It was good. That's how I leaned about it. That's how I stated playing and a lot of my friends did too."

(On whether he's a better player this year than when he came to London as a rookie in 2009)

"I hope so. Like you said, it was my rookie year. I hope I've developed my craft. I hope I'm a better player than I was then. I work on my craft every day and I hope to continue to grow it."


(On how tiring the Jets game was and how much momentum it gave them)

"You know, at the end of the day, a win gives you a lot of energy. So as long as we continue to win, guys won't get tired and we'll have a good time."

(On if he enjoys playing in London)

"I do. It's always great to come over here and play. I feel like this is a home game for us. This is old England that's cheering for New England. It's a good time."

(On how long it takes for him to adjust to the time change)

"I'm adjusted. I'm adjusted right now. I'm ready to go. As soon as the sun comes out, I feel good…I tried to get a couple hours [sleep] on the plane."

(On whether this is a crucial game going into the bye week)

"It is very critical. We always talk about stringing them together and this is a time where we have to start stringing things together and we haven't faired too well against NFC West teams, so hopefully we can get this one."

(On whether he thinks and NFL team in London could work)

"I mean, I think it could. The fans here are great. They make a lot of noise and they seem excited about American football."

(On what he remembers from last time that will help this time)

"Just the atmosphere. It's loud in there. The fans go crazy, they enjoy the sport so you have to be ready for them to cheer on both sides of the ball. Noise will be an issue on both sides. They won't be quiet no matter whose offense is on the field, so just go out there and be ready to communicate."



(On the focus of this trip being business)

"It's a business trip, absolutely. We're coming over here to win, but at the same time we're in a different country. This place has a lot of history. So, the little time you do have, if you can get out, you just do a little touring, that's fine. You just can't lock yourself up. I'm not like that. Get your fresh legs, walk around, see the city a little bit… and still be ready to go on Sunday."

(On facing Harvey Dahl, who said he was not intimidated to face Wilfork)

"I'm going to play my game. I can't control anyone else. I do what I've been doing for nine years: play good technique trust my guys around me , trust my technique and that's basically it. I don't care how you feel towards me. It is what it is when it comes to that. I don't get riled up. I don't get dramatic. It is what it is."

(On introducing the NFL to Europe)

"It's always [good] to be able to come out and show another country what we do. NFL football, one of the best sports there is. And I know everyone likes soccer over here, but it gives a chance to learn a little bit about where we're at and give them a little feedback about what we do. It was a great adventure the first time around, so I'm looking forward to it this time around."

(On how long it takes him to adjust)

"I'll tell you what I don't know. Right now I'm pretty tired. It will probably take a day or so, but we just need to get some rest. That's probably the biggest thing right now – to be able come in and get settled, get our meetings over with and actually get a chance to get off our feet and rest a little bit. With the travelling and practicing yesterday, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are tired. But it's Friday, so we basically have two days to recoup, and we're looking forward to those two days. Those two days are big days for us just to get our bodies back and get a little bit adjusted for Sunday."


(On the mental side of the football)

"I think it's important to focus on the mental aspect of the game, but at the same time, you can't over think things. There are times in the day where you can kind of focus on your craft and break down your technique. I think it's a big part of it. But as far as physical ability, everyone at this level has maxed out their physical abilities, although it doesn't mean you don't keep striving to become better. But I think the mental aspect of the game as far as the cerebral part of becoming more knowledgeable of the game itself, not just the psychological part is important. It's a three-legged monster there."

(On football in Israel and his interest in travelling there)

"I actually am considering that. I want to see Jerusalem one of these days. I know Mr. [Robert] Kraft donated a stadium there and I actually know someone whose nephew plays tackle football on that field. It's pretty cool to have such a small degree of separation with such a vastly different part of the world."

(On if he was excited to see this game on the schedule)

"I think every game is important, but on a personal level I think it was important so I could see my family from Europe. I mentioned earlier that it was kind of icing on the cake in that it's very cool to be here at such an amazing place to play."

(On whether there's an appetite for the game among British fans)

"Yeah, I think across Europe teams are coming about in American Football. It's rising across the globe and we hope to keep it going."

(On if he'll get to do any sightseeing in London)

"Yeah, as long as I get to take a guided tour bus or something that will be enough for me. I was here back in March and I walked the whole place."

(On whether people in Romania are aware of his success)

"I think there a handful of them that know about my 'success' and it's pretty cool to come from Romania and have kind of 'made it' – I don't know if you want to put it that way. But it's good to represent Europe in that sense of the word."

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