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Quick Kicks: Boston-based bet on Tebow


I'll try to keep this brief (sorry … couldn't resist the bad pun!).

Jockey – the underwear company that uses Denver QB Tim Tebow as a spokesman – plans to give away $1 million worth of its products if his Broncos win Super Bowl XLVI. And if that happens, one "lucky" fan (depending on which team you root for) would also win $15,000, in honor of Tebow's jersey number.

The twist?

Jockey's Boston-based PR consultants, Cone Communications, dreamed up the idea, and according to a report in Boston Business Journal, Cone's staff is replete with Patriots fans. They came up with the marketing ploy in early December, well before the AFC Divisional Round match-up between Tebow's Broncos and the Patriots had been set.

"When we found out that Denver was going to be playing the Patriots on Saturday, that's when it created a conundrum," said Cone President Bill Fleishman in the BBJ piece.

"We support our client … but it tugs at our heartstrings."

Could wind up being a Cone-headed move, wouldn't you say?

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