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Randy Moss Postgame Press Conference

Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss addresses the media during his postgame press conference at New Meadowland Stadium on Sunday, September 19, 2010.

*On the difference in the first half and the second half...
*I don't really know. It's something you really can't answer. It just seems like it fell apart in the second half. I guess when you put a lot of hard work in through the week like we did, it is very disappointing to come out and play a good first half and not come out in the second half. From my perspective, I just have to do a little bit better. The team relied a lot on me and threw me the ball and I just really didn't make the plays in the second half. It is something that really hurts. The good thing about is we go to work on Monday. We have a (game) next week in Buffalo and have to bounce back.

What happened on the two interceptions...
The first one was miscommunication and the second one was a good play. Those things happen, those guys get paid, too. They have a scheme, they have coaches and they have players. The good thing about this, like I said, is we get to come out here next week and try to make up for this game and get back to work tomorrow.

On the difference in facing Revis and Cromartie...
It is definitely a big difference. I don't want to tip my hand, but it is a big difference. I have to commend them. Revis was a little banged up and Cromartie came in, held his own and held his ground. That is just something where the wide receivers go back to the drawing board and keep working. They had a good game plan, they executed it right. They communicated better than we did and won the game. We have to put it back (on) us and get back to the drawing board.

On his touchdown reception...
It is just everyday work. I don't know. I really don't have anything to say. It was just making a play.

On whether he noticed anything in the coverage...
I really didn't care. My job is to go out here, move the ball and catch touchdowns. I really don't think I did a good job of that today. Regardless of the touchdown, the one-handed catch, my teammates commending my on it, we did not win the game. Like I said, I really didn't care too much about it. We lost the game.

*On sensing Revis was hurting...
*No, I really couldn't tell. He hid it very well. Revis is a good player. I'm not taking anything from him. Cromartie is a good player. I'm not taking anything from him. This team is well coached. A little cocky and arrogant some times (but) you really have to commend the team. they come in and talk the talk and walk the walk. They can go out here and prove it on Sundays. Like I said man, we'll just get back to the drawing board starting tomorrow and be ready for Buffalo.

On the change of the mood in both teams at half...
It is being able to handle adversity. The Jets handled adversity the right way and we handled it the wrong way. Like I said, it is a team sport. You take the wins with the wins and the losses with the losses. This one hurts. This was a very hard working week for us, probably one of the hardest weeks I have had in my 13 years. We had a lot of expectations coming into this game – coming out of here with a victory – and we ended up coming out with a loss. This one hurts and, like I said, we will get back to the drawing board and hopefully take our frustration out on each other during the week and see how the ball rolls against Buffalo.

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