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Richard Seymour Press Conf. Transcript - 1/15/04

Seymour: We have our work cut out for us, Peyton Manning is a guy we respect a lot around here and rightfully so.



Q: [On playing against the Colts' offense]

RS: We have our work cut out for us, Peyton Manning is a guy we respect a lot around here and rightfully so. He's been doing a good job all year long. We faced an MVP last week and he did a pretty good job on us and we had to tighten up a few things on third down and that's what we're going to have to do this week as well.

Q: Have you used your experience from two years ago and talked to rookies about what to expect both on and off of the field?

RS: I try to talk to rookies as much as I can because I went through this same experience during my rookie year. I'm only two years removed from that so any information or anything that I can give those guys I am willing to do that. They're willing to listen and they're willing to ask questions so it's a good process that we're going through.

Q: What advice would you give these guys, Eugene and Asante about going up against Manning for a second time?

RS: Just mind your P's and Q's and some of the mistakes you made in the first game, we have to tighten up and not being error repeaters. We always talk about not being error repeaters and not making the same mistakes twice so going back and looking at film and focusing on the mistakes that you made because if you make them again he will beat you again. He's a heady guy and he can make adjustments on the move, he's one of the best at it.

Q: Do you admire what Willie [McGinest] had done this year in terms of making the Pro Bowl?

RS: The things that Willie has been doing, he's a veteran and there's no one prouder for him than myself because he deserves it. He has been tremendous for this defense on and off the field, helping the young guys as well, so what he means to this football team is tremendous.

Q: Can you give me an example of an off-the-field situation?

RS: Just preparing himself, doing the little thinks such as taking care of his body. He's been banged up a little bit over the last couple of years and he does a good job of doing the little things throughout the season that it takes to be prepared as far as lifting weights when it comes down to a point like this so that you can stay strong during this part of the season in the playoffs.

Q: How different will your defense look to Manning this week versus when you played them earlier in the year?

RS: They do what they do and we do what we do. I know they make a lot of checks and a lot of audibles and rightfully so because Peyton is a heady quarterback and has a lot of ability in the system that they run to make adjustments and I'm quite sure that he's going to come to the line and make adjustments and we're going to do what we do. We're not going to change a whole lot but we're going to have to be on top of what we have in and I think the coaching staff has put in a good game plan and we're going to be prepared for whatever they throw at us.

Q: When you played them earlier this season you scored a lot of points on them quickly and then in the fourth quarter they did it to you, is there any way to prepare for that?

RS: They're an explosive offense and they put up points in a hurry so you have to be up on your P's and Q's at all times. Our offense has to do a good job of putting points on the board and taking advantage in all situations, so I think we have to play a complementary game on offense, defense and special teams. I don't think we can have one area without the other because they are one of the best teams in the AFC.

Q: When they are controlling the tempo with their no-huddle, is it hard to stay calm?

RS: I think the best thing you can do in those situations when it's tough is to make plays and get off of the field. That's really the best way to stop their momentum is to get pressure on the quarterback and don't allow him to sit back there and have all day to throw the ball. For us defensively, especially up front, I think if we get pressure on Manning and not allow him to sit back there and pick us apart, I think we'll be pretty successful so like I said I think it's going to come down to making plays at crucial points in the game.

Q: Can you explain the whole Homeland Defense hats that you guys have here?

RS: Actually, it's just a couple of guys on the defense, myself, Ted Washington, Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, we had some shirts made up as well that say 'Homeland Defense', something to kind of go with and have a little fun.

Q: It's working, you guys play awfully well here at home.

RS: The reason we play well at home or away is being focused or prepared for your opponent and that's what we try to do here.

Q: Can you tell when you have a quarterback confused or a little flustered?

RS: We throw a lot of different things at offenses whether it's changing our front around or disguising or whatever we do. We try to mix it up because the offense always knows where the play is going and what is the snap count. I think anything different that we can give those guys will be to our advantage.

Q: Can you see by the look in his eyes that he's a little confused?

RS: I think you can tell from their play, what the quarterback rating is or how successful they are on third down, you can kind of tell at that point.

Q: Do you look at is as though if you don't get pressure, he'll beat you?

RS: You have to do a good job of making this team one-dimensional. I think we've been doing a good job all year of stopping the run, I think we have to continue to do that if we want to be successful because I don't believe that we can allow Edgerrin James to get going and also have Peyton Manning throwing the ball down the field on us. We have to take one element away from them and just try to beat them on the pass. I know passing is a big part of their offense and it's something that they like to do so it's going to be important that we get pressure on this guy and not allow him to sit back there.

Q: Part of the defensive success here comes when you mix it up, but when they're in that hurry-up and they're dictating plays, is there a tendency to simplify it on your side or is it to kind of push it more?

RS: I think it's a combination of making plays and just doing what we do and having a good game plan and sticking with that game plan and going out and making plays. By making plays you combat a lot of what they are trying to do offensively and that's what it really comes down to.

Q: Do they put more stress on a defense because of the no-huddle and how effective they operate?

RS: The no-huddle really just doesn't allow you to make a lot of adjustments and it's kind of beneficial for the offense if they are making plays. That's a different element that the defense has to deal with and game-plan against as well, so it's just something that we just have to be ready for and it's something that they do offensively so we have to take that into consideration.

Q: You used the phrase a lot this year that 'the higher up you get on the mountain, the harder the wind blows,' how hard is the wind blowing for you guys right now?

RS: I think it's almost at its top level at this point. It's windy out there right now. It's two of the best teams in the AFC going at it. It's a pretty good football team that we're facing, you know they beat Tennessee twice so we have our work cut out for us. They have a co-MVP, some good receivers and some good pass rushers on defense as well so we're going to have our work cut out for us. When it's time for us to make plays we just have to make them.

Q: What do you see, as a defensive captain, as your first set of responsibilities out there?

RS: I just think from a leadership standpoint that it is important that we prepare throughout the week and get the team ready to play and understand the elements that we face and just getting ready to play and that's what it really comes down to. You want everybody to make plays and be successful on the field, but I don't think it really changes my approach to the game.

Q: But do you feel as though when it comes down to it that you have a special responsibility to step up if you can and make a play?

RS: If I wasn't a defensive captain I'd still have that same approach to the game. Making plays is just something that you have to do to be successful on defense and any way that I can help the team or anybody else can help the team, I think making plays really solves everything for you.

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