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Rodney Harrison Conference Call Transcript

Rodney Harrison addressed the Carolina media during a phone conference call.  Here is the transcript of the call.

[On playing Carolina]

RH They had so many experts picking them to win it all, so the expectations are extremely high there. With them coming off a disappointing loss, they are going to be pumped up. I know it's going to be emotional for them because they lost their great defensive tackle Kris Jenkins. They are at home, so they are going to be pumped up and excited about getting back on track and getting a victory.

[On reaction to Sports Illustrated]

RH Who cares? We don't really care or get caught up in the so-called experts. If someone knew 100% who would win, they would go and put their life savings in Vegas. That is what makes this game so exciting. Regardless of what the experts pick, you still have to go out there and get it done in between the lines. At the end of the day, we'll see who's victorious.

[On the expectations for the Patriots to win another Super Bowl]

RH We are looking at the next game. We are 1-0 and that's it. We have 15 games left, but we are looking at the next game. That's what's most important. We are not caught up in history or what we've done in the past. What we've done in the past means nothing. As soon as you start feeling good about yourself, that is when you set yourself up for failure. Us staying humble doesn't guarantee success. You still have to go out there and play football. However, you are not going to catch us getting caught up or complacent in things we've done. We are going to continue to work hard.

[On playing in the Super Bowl against the Panthers]

RH It was the most physical game I've ever played. That is what it was. The players on our team will attest to those same sentiments. They are a tough group. We know they are tough, physical and well coached. They are going to come out. It's going to be good, exciting game on Sunday.

[On giving a specific example?]

RH I broke my arm in that game. That's how physical it was. I've never broken a bone in my body in a game before. I played one other play. I pushed Muhsin Muhammad out of bounds on a corner route and it broke a little more and I had to come out.

[On Going to New England from the Chargers]

RH When I came here, I just wanted to play football. I wanted a new opportunity. I wanted to come here and tell the world that regardless of what they say in San Diego, I can still play this game. I think I've done that. I am going to continue to go out and work hard and try to make my presence felt. They do things a certain way here. If you are a flamboyant guy and seek attention, then you are not the right guy here. They will weed you out eventually.

[On Coach Belichick's philosophy]

RH You have to look at the players we have. You can coach and you can scheme, but the players make all of that work. We have veteran players and a lot of teams nowadays do not believe in veteran players. They believe in youth and so called speed. [Coach Belichick] believes in bringing smart, disciplined football players in that respect of the game and have the ability to be able to move on whether we win or lose and learn and make others better.

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