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Rodney Harrison Conference Call Transcript

Patriots safety Rodney Harrison addresses the Indianapolis media during his conference call.

(on his return from injury)"I think each week I'm getting more and more confident. I'm actually doing more than I was doing obviously Week 1 and Week 2. I don't really have too many limitations. I'm playing football and it's getting better and my confidence is definitely there."

(on the seriousness of his injury)"It is what it is. I missed a year. You ask anyone most of the time that this can be a career-ending injury. God had a different plan for me, it wasn't my time yet. I'm back, the injury is over with and we're looking forward to a big game this week."

(on the excitement of playing the Colts)"Obviously it's not just another game. It's a big game. Once you get past all the hype, once you get past all the media attention, it all comes down to who plays the best on that given day. It comes down to catching, hitting, making tackles, doing those types of things. You guys (media) are going to put more emphasis on it because the Colts are 7-0, it's been a rivalry. At the end of the day, players win and lose football games. We'll see what happens on Sunday."

(on is it a rivalry and what it means to him)"I think so. All the match-ups that we've had in the playoffs going up there and being able to stop them on the one yard line and win that game. Them coming back here last year and blowing us out 40-21. I think each team respects one another. I think it is somewhat of a rivalry and a very, very competitive game. We respect them and I know they respect us. Maybe the best team will win on Sunday."

(on his thoughts about the number one seed)"Not at all, not at all. We're not even half-way into the season yet. That would be ludicrous to even think about the playoffs and anything post-season wise. Our goal is to go out here and win one football game against the Colts. That's it. Then, the following week the same thing. As media, you guys have plenty of time to sit back and think about that, but as players we have to focus on the day-to-day events that go on and that's preparation for the upcoming team."

(on the acquisition of free agents and the magic of it)"I don't know. I think you have to look at the person. I think every time you bring a free agent in it's not going to be a homerun. I think in the Patriots case, they've had some very fortunate cases where they brought guys in and guys have played well for them. You look at a guy like Corey Dillon, regardless of his situation with Cincinnati, he was a baller. He comes here and wherever you put him he's a football player. Wherever you put him, he's going to make plays, as well as Junior Seau and some of the other guys they've brought in. Mike Vrabel for instance wasn't even really used in Pittsburgh, but give him an opportunity and knowing what type of person he is. Guys that have pride, guys that don't mind playing football and preparing the proper way. I think you have to give credit to (Bill) Belichick and (Scott) Pioli. They're the ones bringing these guys in, and they're the ones taking the chances on these guys. They've hit some homeruns but they've struck out, too, with some guys. That's just part of it. "

(on his role in recruiting Junior Seau)"Junior knows how much I like it here, how much of an opportunity it is and how they treat veteran players here, from conversations with myself and just his experience in the league. I think he trusted my opinion and my thoughts on him coming here. Ultimately, he had to make a decision if this was something he wanted to do for himself. Being away from his kids and playing in his 17th season, fortunately for us he decided to come here."

(on the new sod and the condition of the field)"It wasn't good. You kind of dreaded playing at home and that's just the truth. It was something we had to deal with and other teams had to deal with. On Monday after the game your body definitely felt it. You would get out of bed and it took you an extra 10-15 minutes to get out of bed because of that. Hopefully it's better, but I haven't been out there. We'll see what happens. It was terrible to say the least."

(on the status of Tom Brady's shoulder being probable on the injury report)"I don't know. I'm not the coach, I'm not the trainer. I have enough worrying about myself. I can't worry about all the guys on the injured list. Hopefully we'll have all our guys in there healthy. They're working hard getting treatment day-to-day. Guys are in there very early trying to take care of their bodies to see who can get back on the field. Whoever is there will play. Whoever's not, they'll be watching."

(on the secret behind their past dominance over the Colts)"I don't know, I guess we've played better at that particular time. That has no relevance on what is going to happen on Sunday. They're 7-0. They're the best team in the National Football League. They're an offensive machine. Peyton is playing great with typical Hall of Fame numbers as well as Marvin Harrison. Reggie Wayne leads them in receiving yards. So they have so many weapons as well as a very talented tight end in Dallas Clark. The past of us being 10-3 against them has nothing to do with what is going to happen on Sunday night."

(on his impressions of Laurence Maroney)"Explosive, young, a very good player who can do a number of things. He's a young kid that is very humble that just plays football and that's just what we need He has a great group of guys surrounding him, pushing and teaching him in Kevin Faulk and Corey Dillon. That's kind of our three-headed monster and we get the most from all our guys."

(on Patriots past befuddling of Peyton Manning)"He wasn't befuddled last year when he came in and threw a number of touchdown balls. I can't say that. Maybe he struggled at particular times. We look for his best on Sunday, just like he came down there and led them to a game-winning drive against Denver. We look for nothing but the best from Peyton. You can keep referring back to things that happened in the past, but it has no relevance over what's going to happen now. These guys are 7-0. They're currently playing like they're the best team in the National Football League. If you keep reverting back to the past I'm going to keep telling you the same thing: it has nothing to do with what's going to happen on Sunday."

(on the game being cerebral)"Peyton's smart. He knows either you're going to be in a zone, man coverage or a blitz. The guy has seen enough coverages and studied enough film where there is only so much confusion that you can do to him. There are only so many different looks that he hasn't seen. The guy has seen basically everything. So yes, it's a mixing of the minds and trying to be a little creative but at the end of the day, it comes down to one-on-one coverages. It comes down to our outside linebacker beating their left tackle, trying to put some pressure on Peyton and us matching up against Marvin and their great receiving corps. It comes down to one-on-one match-ups and seeing who makes the plays when it counts."

(on who his quarterback would be with one play remaining to win the game-Brady or Manning)"Of course I'm going to take my guy because he's done it. He's done it for me and he's one of the main reasons why I have two Super Bowl rings, but those are the two top guys in the league. It's just a matter of opinion. If you want to peg one as number 1 or the other one as number 2, it doesn't matter. You can't lose with either one of those guys, but of course I'm going to be kind of partial to my guy because I see him every day, I respect him. He won two Super Bowls and he's a hell of a player."

(on seeing Adam Vinatieri this weekend)
"I just wish him the best. Adam is a great teammate, a great guy. I had a lot of interaction with him while he was here. I just wish him and his family the best. We haven't kept in touch, but we will. I know he's busy, and I've been busy with my family. The respect and love is always there. The guys here respect him I know the fans respect him a heck of a lot. He's directly responsible for us winning three Super Bowls here."

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