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Rookie Spotlight: DL Vince Wilfork

Throughout training camp, will take you in a personal tour of the 2004 rookie class so you can get to know them a bit better. We'll hold a Question & Answer session with each rookie about all things – not necessarily football. We caught up recently with defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, the Patriots first of two first-round draft picks.

Question: Who is in your CD player right now?
Wilfork: Eight Ball and MJG. That's in my CD player in the locker room right now. I listen to it everyday.

Question: What was the best part about being a Miami Huricane?
Wilfork: Winning. Tradition. The reputation. National Championships.

Question: Which offensive linemen are you not looking forward to facing this season?
Wilfork: To me, if I was on the other side or on another team, I would probably have to say Big Cat. That's a big man. But he's my teammate so he can't get me.

Question: Which players did you most idolize growing up?
Wilfork: Bruce Smith. I loved Bruce Smith growing up. I was a Bills fan growing up, so I looked a lot at Bruce Smith and Ted Washington. Those two guys ... I really looked at them hard.

Question: Which NFL Player – not on the Patriots – would you most like to be your teammate?
Wilfork: Ray Lewis. First of all, he's the best linebacker in the game, and secondly he's from the University of Miami so we have some background.

Question: We know it gets dirty on the bottom of the pile. What's the worst thing you've experienced down there?
Wilfork: Oh man. I don't want to say. There's a lot that goes on down there. I would have to say the grabbing of the "areas." They really don't care down there.

Question: Describe the sound when you blind-side a quarterback.
Wilfork: You can't describe it. The only thing that you remember is when you get up and look down at him. That's what you remember.

Question: What three words describe Vince Wilfork as a football player?
Wilfork: Fun. Exciting. Tough.

Question: Which actor would play Vince Wilfork in a movie?
Wilfork: I gotta think. Probably Eight Ball.

Question: Which actress would be your co-star?
Wilfork: Ooooh. That would have to be Halle Berry. Just because.

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