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Samsonite Make Your Case: Quarterback Quandary

The Patriots are most certainly Tom Brady's team, but should he be getting any preseason work?

Training camp for the Patriots has been quite odd. With Tom Brady set to serve a four-game suspension to the start the regular season, all eyes have been on the quarterbacks and the division of reps during practice. That attention has spilled into the preseason and over the first two games Brady did not play.

In the meantime, Brady has repeatedly expressed his desire to do so, leading to plenty of speculation about whether or not he should be taking any potential prep work away from Jimmy Garoppolo, the guy who will be taking his place during those first four regular-season games.

This week's Samsonite Make Your Case question is: Should Jimmy Garoppolo receive as many preseason reps as possible even if it means Tom Brady gets none?


PFW's Andy Hart says ...


Before training camp began Bill Belichick talked about the priority of getting Jimmy Garoppolo as prepared for the regular season as possible. To me that should involve getting as many preseason reps as possible, and if that means Tom Brady doesn't get any then so be it. Brady has nothing to prove to anyone at this point, least of all his teammates, who all know what kind of player and leader he has been. We don't know how Garoppolo will fare as the team's starter in the first month so the Patriots need to provide him with all the support necessary to help him prepare for the role. Preseason reps may not resemble the tempo of the postseason but unfortunately that's all Garoppolo has availale at his disposal at the current time. Brady doesn't need to take snaps in August to help him prepare for October. Let Jimmy play.
- AH


PFW's Paul Perillo says ...


I know this topic has many people all hot and bothered but I honestly don't see what the huge deal is. Tom Brady wants to get some snaps in the preseason and for various reasons he wasn't able to take any during the first two weeks. So what's the problem with him wanting to get on the field and lead the team he's directed so well for so many years? There's still plenty of reps for Jimmy Garoppolo to get in order to prepare himself for the first month of the regular season. I don't see how missing out on a few plays is going to adversely affect him once the season begins. There's really no comparison between regular-season and preseason intensity so the lost work will have a minimal impact on his overall level of preparation. Let Brady do it the way he wants and keep the guy happy heading into a difficult time.
- PP

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