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Sebastian Vollmer Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots OL Sebastian Vollmer addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Q: What does Paul Kruger do well and what kinds of challenges does he present?

SV: I think he has done a really good job for them this year. I think he had nine sacks, or something like that. He's done some good stuff in the playoffs too. I think he is a good pass rusher that can stop the run and he is all over the field, definitely.

Q: Ravens WR Anquan Boldin said the difference between this year's game and last year's game was that the Ravens were going to win. What is your reaction to that and how come you guys don't tend to give other teams bulletin board material?

SV: I guess it is just the way we do things. We will see on Sunday what happens. I don't think we take too much into consideration from what happened last year. It was a different team for both of us. I think both teams deserve to be in that game on Sunday and we will see what happens.

Q: Is there an internal memo to not say anything or is it that you know how difficult it is going to be and you don't want to give them more material?

SV: Like we are saying, we think it is going to be a tough game and we respect Baltimore so we know how tough it is going to be. We still have to bring our best and just go from there I guess.

Q: How do you neutralize the lift that Ravens LB Ray Lewis gives to that defense?

SV: That guy has been meaning a lot to this game for [17] years now at the linebacker position. He is definitely one of their leaders, physically on the field and emotionally. He is kind of doing his thing out there and you have to minimize his impact as you do with a lot of other guys they have.

Q: Has OL Ryan Wendell been the centerpiece of the offensive line this year?

SV: Yeah, obviously there is a lot of communication going on up front and a lot of times he tells us certain things. I think he did a good job in camp and stuff like that. Like you said, I don't think he has missed a play and that is always a good thing. He has been pretty steady in there.

Q: Kruger is lengthy. Is one way to counter that with your own length?

SV: It won't hurt. It obviously depends on what they do. They change up what they do, it's not just him, it's every rusher. They change up what they do and they go to power moves and things like that. You kind of have to react to what they put out there.

Q: How is your back and what have you gone through the last 18 months to stay healthy?

SV: I feel good, and that is it I guess. I feel good.

Q: There have been no special drills for back issues they have put you through?

SV: Like I said, I feel pretty good.

Q: Can you talk about the importance of having some continuity on the line these last few weeks and what it means?

SV: I think it is good, you practice and the guys next to you are going to get a feel for each other. You work on certain things, certain problems the opponent gives you. So it is good when you have that continuity to get a feel for each other. The guys that stepped in for the guys that were hurt did a great job. We all practice together, so whenever someone misses a certain amount of time, you've played next to the replacement before so it isn't something really new.

Q: What have the backups meant to this team this season?

SV: A lot, both of them have played a while, so just stepping in and being expected to play with no drop off, I think they've done it well. During practice, they've given us a good look and given our defense a good look, they've stayed ready, because you never know when an injury happens to a guy.

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