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Under the Helmet


Throughout the 2006 season, we conducted offbeat interviews with players regarding a variety of on the field and off the field topics. The following are some of the most entertaining responses to our queries.

What has been the biggest transition to living in New England?

RUSS HOCHSTEIN: Dealing with New England drivers...

DAVID THOMAS: ...the roads are real curvy.

RYAN O'CALLAGHAN: The roads here are crazy...

WESLEY BRITT: The drivers and the roadways.

What is something you wish you were better at?

WESLEY BRITT: ...I wish I was a better East Coast driver.

What is something that annoys you?

STEPHEN NEAL: The drivers on Route 1.

WESLEY BRITT: Besides bad driving?

Who is the best-dressed player in the locker room?

DANIEL GRAHAM: It's a three-way tie between myself, Rosevelt Colvin and Don Davis.

STEPHEN NEAL: ...I can say for sure it is not Rosevelt Colvin.

RECHE CALDWELL: Without a doubt, me.

Who is the one player in the locker room that can always make you laugh?


CHAD JACKSON: Laurence Maroney.

What is the toughest thing your wife/ fiancée/parents have had to put up with?

TY WARREN: ...When I nibble on her cooking before she is done.

DAVID THOMAS: ...sometimes when I get home I'm a bum.

WESLEY BRITT: Everything.

Who is your favorite team to use in Madden 2007?

RECHE CALDWELL: ...When I play with the Patriots, I only throw the ball to me.

LAURENCE MARONEY: Hands down the Patriots. I use the team realistically, subbing me in and out.

JABAR GAFFNEY: Whichever team I'm on... I throw it to myself all the time.

What was the worst job you ever had?

WILLIE ANDREWS: The chicken fryer at Popeye's...

STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI: Probably cutting grass... I did all the work while my boss sat there and sipped lemonade.

DAVID THOMAS: Construction worker... manual labor makes you appreciate being a football player.

RECHE CALDWELL: Playing football is the only job I've ever had... That is bad, isn't it?

Better boy band: NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

WESLEY BRITT: I couldn't tell you a song from either group.

STEPHEN NEAL: I'm not a musical person, but that is definitely not my kind of music.

RYAN O'CALLAGHAN: That's ridiculous.

What is something interesting about you that the fans may want to know?

COREY MAYS: ... I am not Laurence Maroney.

If you could make one of your teammates grow dreads, who would it be?

LAURENCE MARONEY: I would make Tom Brady grow them out.

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