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Articles - March 2003

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2003-03-03 Poole visits; Quiet on Gadsden front
2003-03-04 Patriots re-sign restricted Free Agent CB Ben Kelly
2003-03-04 Weis focused on teaching; Anderson a Cowboy
2003-03-05 Patriots jump into free agent Poole
2003-03-05 Patriots re-sign two UFA Rick Lyle and Je'Rod Cherry
2003-03-06 Patriots sign TE Baxter, trade draft picks
2003-03-06 Randall traded to Texans
2003-03-06 Patriots re-sign TE Baxter, trade OL Randall to Texans, announce exchange of draft picks with Redski
2003-03-07 Free agent tackle Brown visits
2003-03-10 Free agency notes
2003-03-11 Bruce Springsteen Concert
2003-03-11 Founder of Arts for Life awarded first national NFL Jr. Community QB Gold Medal
2003-03-11 New England not standing Pat
2003-03-11 Patriots Outside Linebacker Rosevelt Colvin Conference Call Transcript
2003-03-11 Patriots sign Colvin, add youth to defense
2003-03-12 Harrison a Patriot
2003-03-12 Rodney Harrison Conference Call Transcript - 3/12/2003
2003-03-12 Harrison attracted by defensive scheme, personnel changes
2003-03-13 Analysis: PFW examines recent moves
2003-03-14 Buckley signs with Miami, praises time in New England
2003-03-14 Jones’ status unchanged
2003-03-17 Free agent Edwards signs with Jacksonville
2003-03-18 Interest limited in free agent fullbacks, Strong
2003-03-20 AFC East free agency breakdown
2003-03-21 Cheerleaders return from Fort Hood Army Base
2003-03-21 Much to discuss at 2003 NFL Annual Meeting
2003-03-22 McCrary appears to be choice at fullback
2003-03-24 Coates to appear at Arenafootball2 game
2003-03-24 Patriots sign FB Fred McCrary, re-sign LB Maugaula Tuitele
2003-03-24 Bruschi, Patriots start offseason program
2003-03-25 Colvin fits in New England
2003-03-26 Playoff expansion still hot topic
2003-03-27 Brady, veterans check in
2003-03-28 Interview transcripts: Brady, Seymour, Harrison
2003-03-28 Healthy Womack looking ahead
2003-03-31 Florida's Jacobs creating his own legacy
2003-03-31 Seymour praises fellow Bulldogs