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Belichick answers fans' questions on Twitter


Bill Belichick's girlfriend, Linda Holiday, offered fans a rare chance at some insight into the Patriots head coach's personal life last night when she held a Q & A session via her @Linda_Holliday Twitter account.

"First time Q&A with Bill…Ask??" she tweeted around 11 p.m. on March 12. That led to a handful of interesting, mostly non-football questions with responses from the three-time Super Bowl champion head coach.

Want to know Belichick's favorite candy? Favorite Bon Jovi song? Best part of offseason? Read on!

Fan: "@cgrady040: @Linda_HollidayWhat does he think is the biggest priority for the Patriots this offseason?"
Answer: "Better coaching"

Fan: "@RingPRgirl: @Linda_Holliday Any sweatshirts with sleeves?"
Answer: "No- short arms"

Fan: @DylanKurtz12: @Linda_Holliday favorite vacation spots?
Answer: "Italy"

Fan: "@danielpfletcher: @Linda_Holliday Did you ever fix the time on your car's clock?"
Answer: "Figured it out this year!"

Fan: "@illmatic940:@Linda_Holliday Favorite coaching memory?"
Answer: "Bruschi dumping water on me & my Dad"

Fan: "@kirk2266: @Linda_Holliday Is he going to visit the Southwest anytime soon?"
Answer: "League meetings in AZ next week"

Fan: "@pco1128: What is his favorite part of the offseason, evaluating talent/trying find pieces to the puzzle?"
Answer: "Family time & fishing"

Fan: "@ajohnston728: @Linda_Holliday who is going to win the lax NCAA tournament?"
Answer: "Love to see Hopkins"

Fan: "@mburke42: @LindaHolliday Bill's favorite candy/sweet-treat?"
Answer: "Junior mints"

Fan: "@danielpfletcher: @Linda_Holliday Favorite Jovi song?"
Answer: "Bounce"

Fan: "@PatsFanBob21: @Linda_Holliday whats the best part about working with your sons?"
Answer: "See him every day"

Fan: "@ajohnston728: @Linda_Hollidaywhat book does he think that everyone everyone read?"
Answer: "He enjoyed 3 Nights in Aug"

Fan: "@mjthomas99: @Linda_Holliday is the draft "FUN" for Mr. Belichick?"
Answer: "Yes"

Fan: "@PatriotFanOfNJ: @linda_holliday any player or coach from all time he can have lunch with?"
Answer: "Paul Brown"

Fan: @fitch94: @Linda_Holliday Ok favorite restaurant in Jupiter, FL?"
Answer: "Cafe de Artes"

Fan: "@bigballer8796: @Linda_Holliday when is bill getting a twitter"
Answer: "No time soon! Lol!!"

Fan: "@dschoenblum: @Linda_Holliday In their primes would you have rather had Deion sanders or Jerry rice?"
Answer: "Deion"

Fan: "@Kevin_OConnor: @LindaHolliday Is BIll a fan of Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix?"
Answer: "Both"

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