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Brandon Marshall debuts Patriots tattoo after losing bet with Julian Edelman

Brandon Marshall, a former New York Jets receiver, lost a high-stakes bet with retired Patriots wideout Julian Edelman after New England's Week 11 win.

Julian Edelman, Brandon Marshall.PDC

Brandon Marshall has a sleeve of ink on his right arm, but might have added one of his best pieces yet.

The former New York Jets receiver showed off his new tattoo Wednesday, revealing the Patriots' Flying Elvis logo outlined in black ink in a photo posted by Julian Edelman.

"A bet's a bet," the retired New England wideout wrote in his Instagram photo caption. "And (Brandon Marshall) is a man of his word. Thanks for saving me Patriots."

Marshall and Edelman made the wager this week on an episode of "Inside the NFL" while discussing the Week 11 matchup. Had New England not defeated New York with a game-winning punt return by rookie Marcus Jones in the final minute, roles would be reversed.

"If the Jets win, it's straight up, right? You have to get a Jets tattoo -- and vice-versa," Marshall said to Edelman while discussing the terms of the bet. "It's just simple. Simple."

Fortunately, the 10-3 victory will keep any Jets branding off the skin of the career-long Patriot.

The Jets have now lost to the Patriots in 14 straight games, but Marshall hopes to pull a personal victory out of the circumstances.

"For the rest of my life, every single Jets-Pats game, I'm going to take a photo booth outside of the stadium and all Pats fans can take a picture with me for $20 bucks," he declared.

Maybe Marshall will consider donating some of the proceeds to the Patriots Foundation.

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