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News Blitz 1/6: Pre-playoff thoughts

A roundup of Patriots news.

A Boston Globe column questions whether the Patriots’ defense can continue its recent productivity in the playoffs.

"It's difficult to look at the Patriots simply in terms of their points allowed and to reach the conclusion that they featured the best defense in the NFL this year," the writer posits before taking an analytical look at the defense.

On offense, Josh McDaniels is in control as coordinator, but for how much longer? If McDaniels accepts a head coaching job elsewhere in the NFL, New England’s next OC is already on staff, according to the Boston Herald.

"Make no mistake. [tight ends coach Brian] Daboll is next in line, and he knows it," the story declares. "His knowledge of the system dates back to his time as the wide receivers coach under Charlie Weis, and Daboll always remained close with Bill Belichick, even when he joined Eric Mangini's Jets staff in 2007."

Meanwhile, WR Julian Edelman's health bodes well for the Patriots this postseason, The Providence Journal proclaims.

"Since 2013, the season after Wes Welker departed, the Patriots have won nearly 88 percent of their games when Brady has targeted Edelman at least 10 times," the Journal explains. "Edelman has eight 10-catch games for the Patriots since 2013 -- as many as all other New England receivers combined in that span. Nobody else has more than three."

Special teams don't often get a lot of attention, but they could determine which Patriots are active and which aren’t next weekend in the Divisional Playoff Game, according to an ESPN blog post.

Elsewhere this Friday, Tom Brady got some rest from practice earlier this week and is now promoting a new product line to help others rest more productively. lays out the details of Brady’s new sleep clothing technology.

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