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News Blitz 3/11: 2020 draft picks finalized


The Patriots received four compensatory draft picks on Tuesday evening, bringing their total in the draft to 12 picks, although seven of them come in the final two rounds. PatsPulpit uses the draft value board to stack up how much value the Patriots have in this year's draft and find them coming in 23rd overall.

Warren Sharp puts how many comp picks the Patriots have received over the last four years into perspective - they stand well above the rest of the league:

Just by comp picks alone, the Patriots have added 7.5 draft pick equivalents in the last 4 years! That’s astonishing. Effectively, by playing the comp pick game, Bill Belichick has acquired four third-round picks, one fourth, one fifth, three sixth-round picks and one seventh. Those ten picks equate to roughly 7.5 average draft picks. We’re not talking low-round picks. They’ve acquired 7.5 of pick-128 of 256. Warren Sharp

Old friend Rob Gronkowski is finally closing in on a long-anticipated move to the WWE per this report from Adam Schefter.

Mike Reiss picks his five best free agent fits for the Patriots, with tight end Austin Hooper topping the list. Meanwhile Phil Perry and Albert Breer discuss some trade candidates that could be good fits.

For what it's worth Aqib Talib doesn't think Brady will return to the Patriots and he gives some insight into how discussions with Bill Belichick go. Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal stacks up where Brady's current options outside of New England stack up.

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