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Patriots Unfiltered Q&A: How does free agency frenzy impact Patriots draft plans?

Bill Belichick has made his mark this offseason in free agency, we discuss if he will be just as aggressive in his 2021 NFL Draft strategy.


What do you think it would take for the Patriots to trade up to the Falcons number four spot in the draft? Would this years fifteenth, 2022 first and third get it done? Your thoughts? Bobby McAllister

Considering the Falcons are in need of a long-term answer at quarterback, it will be even tougher to trade picks with them. Miami may be a better candidate to trade picks with because the Dolphins picked their quarterback in 2020. Now, they will look to get Tua some weapons. Given the value of the quarterback position and the Falcons' needs, it may cost more than this year's fifteenth, 2022 first and third. Megan O'Brien

Any consideration of drafting Kellen Mond as QB in the 2nd round? He should still be. Ken Weaver

Kellen Mond is the type of quarterback that would attract interest from the Patriots. The Texas A&M product impressed at the Senior Bowl, and while he is undersized, he is mobile and most productive when he is making short, intermediate throws. Those are the type of throws that made the Patriots offense so productive over the last two decades. Many scouts have been impressed by Mond's decision making skills as well. If the Patriots like Mond, it would be an excellent day two pick. Megan O'Brien

Why are the Patriots brining Cam Newton back when they can just turn it over to Stidham? Melodie Erives

It's a reasonable question. As Fred Kirsch always says, look at what they do, not what they say. Either bringing back Cam Newton tells us a lot about what the Patriots think of Stidham or the Patriots saw something in Newton that we did not see. Perhaps his leadership skills and locker room presence bring more to the team than we can see. There is also the narrative that Newton didn't have a preseason or weapons to work with. Maybe the Patriots truly believe these factors played a role in Newton's 2020 season. Time will tell us more about the Patriots quarterback plan, but right now Newton is competing or the starting role. Megan O'Brien


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After this week's free-agent signees, do you think the Patriots will select a tackle with the 15th pick? Richard Golunzik

With this team, nothing will ever be surprising. Again, to quote Fred Kirsch, look at what they do, not what they say. The Patriots have given us every indication that they are looking to be competitive in 2021. It is clear there are plenty of holes on this roster. One could argue tackle is one of those holes especially given the injuries Isaiah Wynn's has sustained. Tackle is not out of the question for the Patriots in the first round, but don't rule out something that might surprise you. Who would've thought the Patriots would be this aggressive in free agency? Maybe the aggressive nature will continue into the draft. Megan O'Brien

After the free agency signings, the team's draft board must have changed. What positions would you list as priorities in the first three rounds? David Gonsioroski

Wide receiver is a clear cut position of need. The 2021 class is expected to have many talented pass catchers. While the N'Keal Harry pick still haunts many Patriots fans, the team needs to go out and get true NFL receivers. Belichick has been very successful at identifying talented undrafted cornerbacks, but depending on what happens with Gilmore, the team has a major hole in the secondary that needs to be filled. James White is expected to return in 2021, but both Sony Michel and Damien Harris have dealt with their fair share of injuries. Drafting a running back in the third round in the first round will help the Patriots in their rebuild. Megan O'Brien

What do you think of Davis Mills from Stanford. I watched his highlight video, and he seems like someone that should be considered by the Patriots. Gary Madera

Davis Mills is more of a day three pick. However, I still think the Patriots should find someone like a Mills to draft on day three and perhaps keep on the practice squad for 2021. Mills does not have much college experience. He started just 11 games at Stanford. As far as makeup and skillset goes, many scouts have compared Mills to Jimmy Garoppolo. Compared to Garoppolo, Mills is raw, but perhaps, in time he can develop. Megan O'Brien

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