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10 Questions with Patriots Cheerleader Amanda

We asked Patriots Cheerleader Amanda some quick-hit questions.

View Amanda's Full Bio >>
View Amanda's Full Bio >>

*1. Favorite book?   *
"The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald.  I am a big fan of literary devices, there is so much symbolism on every page, and I enjoy making the connections.

*2. Favorite movie?   *
There is no movie quite like "The Wizard of Oz." It has a special place in my heart.

*3. Favorite Patriots player?   *
Tom Brady. I grew up watching him from the beginning of his Patriots career.  He is the greatest of all time!

*4. Favorite quote?   *
"Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen."

*5. Favorite musician?  * 
Johnny Cash is a classic.

6. Go-to Neflix show?    
There is no question, "GAME OF THRONES."

*7. Go-to candy?   *
I don't eat candy, I am a health fanatic.

8. Go-to workout song?   
"Emergency" by Icona Pop, but just like my workouts, I switch up my music frequently.

*9. Bucketlist travel destination?  * 
I have always wanted to visit Prague.  It's one of the oldest cities that is rich in history and has beautiful architecture.

*10. What are you most proud of?   *
My ambition. I never let failure stop me from pursuing my goals.

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