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10 Questions with Patriots Cheerleader Hannah

We asked Patriots Cheerleader Hannah some quick-hit questions.


1. Favorite book?
"A Time for Dancing" by Davida Wills Hurwin.

2. Favorite movie?
"The Blind Side."

3. Favorite Pats Player?
Danny Amendola.

4. Favorite Pats Moment?
When Malcolm Butler made the incredible winning interception during Super Bowl XLIX! That's an easy one!

5. Favorite Quote?
"Life is what you make it, so why not make it great."

6. Go-to Pregame meal?
I'll usually bring a chicken salad or a sandwich on whole wheat pita bread. Definitely something light so I can dance without feeling too full!

7. Favorite Candy?
Sour Patch watermelons, peach rings, almond joys... Do I have to pick just one?!

8. Favorite musician?
Ariana Grande, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Drake. There's so many, that's a hard decision!

9. Most proud of?
My motivation to push myself everyday in everything that I do and trying my best not to give up!

10. If you could visit anywhere?
Italy for sure!

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