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Mac Jones does the Griddy at NFL Pro Bowl

Mac Jones brought his best moves to the NFL’s all-star showcase.

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) celebrates during the 2022 Pro Bowl game on Sunday, February 6, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mac Jones brought his best moves to the NFL's all-star showcase.

The night of the Pro Bowl game, Jones' dance moves were warmed up and ready for the big lights at Allegiant Stadium.

Mac Jones and the AFC were driving down the field in the fourth quarter and a dead play before the two minute warning couldn't stop Jones from eyeing an opportunity to run down to the end zone and hit "The Griddy."

The Mac Griddy went viral and was the highlight of NFL Twitter including shoutouts from Julian Edelman, Damien Harris and Kendrick Bourne.

Mac Jones started getting loose during the Pro Bowl practices in Las Vegas with son of Chiefs safety, Tyrann Mathieu.

Tiktok isn't the only place where you can learn trending dances, NFL athletes also have their own dance moves.

You may be wondering how the Griddy began trending in the NFL. It traces back to Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, who started doing it at LSU and then brought it with him to the big leagues.

If you want to jump on the Griddy train, check out this tutorial from the official Griddy creator.

What better way for Mac Jones to cap off his first Pro Bowl appearance than with his own version, the Mac Griddy.

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