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News Blitz 1/13: McDaniels' return good news for Brady?

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After enduring a seven-hour interview for the vacant Cleveland Browns coaching job, Josh McDaniels looks like he'll be staying put in New England once again.

The Browns reportedly have targeted Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski for the position, leaving McDaniels on the outside looking in.

The Boston Globe believes that could be good news for the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Speaking of the Brady situation, the Globe believes it’s all up to Bill Belichick whether the quarterback will return or not. If he does return, a multi-year deal makes the most sense.

The Boston Herald agrees that McDaniels' return is good news for New England, but feels the Brady questions still loom. They also provide a look at the 2020 free agent class at quarterback. NBC Sports Boston has five thoughts on the Patriots dodging McDaniels' departure. provides four thoughts on McDaniels.

It was no secret that Julian Edelman dealt with plenty of pain during the course of the season. According to several reports, some of those injuries will require surgery.

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