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News Blitz 1/29: Scarnecchia retirement reactions, ranking Brady's Super Bowl performances


Andy Hart of WEEI leads things off with his tribute to Dante Scarnecchia,a G.O.A.T. in his own right as Andy puts it. Others breaking down Scarnecchia's retirement include Phil Perry, who spoke with a Patriots player about the move, and Mike Reiss, Greg Bedard and NESN's Zack Cox.

Mike Reiss takes a deep dive in the Patriots receiver issues in 2019 and how they compare to 2004, when Corey Dillon was the focus of the offense, rushing for 1,635 yards.

PFF ranks Super Bowl quarterback performances with Tom Brady's in Super Bowl 52 against the Eagles coming in as his top one. Ugh. Here's how they stack up Brady's nine Super Bowl performances and where they ranked overall:

  1. Super Bowl 52 (10th)
  2. Super Bowl 39 (13th)
  3. Super Bowl 51 (14th)
  4. Super Bowl 49 (15th)
  5. Super Bowl 38 (19th)
  6. Super Bowl 46 (22nd)
  7. Super Bowl 42 (23rd)
  8. Super Bowl 53 (30th)
  9. Super Bowl 36 (31st)

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