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News Blitz 1/9: McDaniels sticking around

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The Patriots and Chargers continue to prepare for Sunday's divisional round playoff game at Gillette Stadium, but the big news on Tuesday had nothing to do with the game or anything else regarding the 2018 season.

Speaking on a conference call with local reporters, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said "the book is closed" on any potential head coach jobs and that he will remain with the Patriots. has some of the details. The Boston Globe has McDaniels calling his job one of the best in the world. The Boston Herald chimes in as well. NBC Sports Boston says the Patriots will benefit from McDaniels not getting another job.

As for the game, Dan Shaughnessy says the Chargers aren’t the typical tomato can playoff opponent for the Patriots. The Boston Globe explains why running backs will be key in this matchup. The Boston Herald looks at the matchup between the Patriots offensive line and the Chargers pass rush. The Boston Sports Journal believes the Chargers will benefit from having played against Baltimore's pressure packages twice down the stretch before facing the Patriots. looks at how the Patriots might try to pressure the Chargers on Sunday. believes the Chargers Derwin James will determine how the Patriots might attack the defense.

The Athletic believes the Chargers will not be spooked playing on the road thanks to their quality performance away from home this year. says the Patriots evolving wide receiver corps faces a stiff test in the playoffs. The Boston Herald says to throw out the stats because the postseason means it starts all over for the defense. Speaking of the defense, the players are preparing for a chess match with Philip Rivers. The Patriots some roster moves this week.

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