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News Blitz 10/11: Browns leftovers

A roundup of Patriots news for Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Couple of interesting Patriots items on ESPN's blog. One has to do with rookie CB Cyrus Jones' ejection against Cleveland and the trend this season of players being tossed from games by the officiating crews.

The other is a fun one about why Bill Belichick brought his players to see Jim Brown’s statue outside the stadium in Cleveland after Sunday's win.

"I just felt like it was an opportunity for us, as a team after the game, to recognize and pay tribute to Jim and all that he stands for – both in and out of football. But in particular, what he has meant to the game of football and how much he's done for the game and what it means for all of us," Belichick explained in part. Read on in the link for more details.

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe examines the productive play of substitute right tackle Cameron Fleming versus Cleveland. offers 33 thoughts on the win over the Browns, including this one:

"We know the old standbys like Gronk and Julian Edelman would reconnect with [Tom] Brady like no time had passed. But if the new guys are on Brady's wavelength already, this offense is going to be as unstoppable as any they have had since the first half of the 2007 season."

WEEI,com analyzes where Brady’s performance against Cleveland ranks among the best games of his pro football career.

"I mean, it doesn't take you by surprise because you prepare in practice to play," he maintained in part.

Meanwhile, *The Providence Journal *focuses on the recent, relative struggles of placekicker Stephen Gostkowski, who still has the support of his team.

"There are going to be some good times and there are going to be some bad times," co-captain Matthew Slater remarked, "but we just stick with it. And we definitely stick with Stephen."

That sentiment was reinforced by Belichick, as points out.

"Just working to make the operation better and more consistent. We'll keep doing that."

Elsewhere, reports on some free agents whom the Patriots have brought in for workouts of late.

Let's end things today with a laugh, whaddya say?

Check out Edelman and Brady in a comical new ad for Brady's footwear of choice,UGG:

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