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News Blitz 10/11: Gilmore ‘way better’ in 2018


As the biggest free-agent signing in Patriots history, Stephon Gilmore faces pretty high expectations as New England’s No. 1 cornerback.

Though the veteran hasn’t been perfect early on in his second season in Foxborough, he seems to be pleasing the only man who really matters.

The Boston Globe passes along Bill Belichick saying that Gilmore is “way better” this season, a year after getting off to a rocky start in this first fall in New England. The Globe writes that a big point of emphasis this week for the Patriots will be to avoid allowing big plays to the talented Chiefs playmakers. The Globe notes that New England listed nine players as limited on Wednesday’s practice report as the team prepares to take on the Chiefs.

The Boston Herald declares that Sunday night’s game includes a “dream matchup” of tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce. The Herald writes that Patriots backup QB Brian Hoyer has a “tough job” trying to portray Chiefs sensation Patrick Mahomes on the practice field. The Herald has Mahomes talking about what he’s taken from film study of Tom Brady. The Herald also notes Belichick’s praise for Gilmore.

The Providence Journal writes that running back Sony Michel is excited for what’s next as his impressive rookie season advances. While Gilmore was being praised by Belichick, the ProJo says the veteran cornerback was taking a shot at Jaguars All-Pro corner Jalen Ramsey. observes that it’s Michel’s time to shine as the Patriots running back. writes that Jason McCourty’s rise to starter at cornerback is a surprise story for the Patriots early this season. notes that Gronkowski left comparisons to Kelce to others.

ESPN breaks down how the Chiefs and Patriots have brought “college offenses to the NFL.” ESPN offers up midseason trade ideas that might make sense, including the Patriots bringing back Jamie Collins in a deal with the Browns. says the Patriots are catching the Chiefs at a good time. observes that Brady having a full complement of wide receivers is bad news for the rest of the NFL. spoke with Gilmore about his comments directed at Ramsey, which he clarified but didn’t back down from. also has Gronkowski declining to weigh in on the best tight end debate.

NBC Sports Boston looks at the Gronk vs. Kelce debate. NBC Sports Boston notes that Michel was added to the injury report with a knee issue. NBC Sports Boston has Gronk saying New England fans will find a way to watch both the Patriots and Red Sox this Sunday night. NBC Sports Boston also looks at Gilmore’s out of character “trash talk.”

CBS Sports picks the Patriots to beat the Chiefs. writes that the Patriots are happy to have their “irritated uncle” Julian Edelman back in the fold. has Andy Reid and Mahomes explaining the challenge of facing the Patriots.

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