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News Blitz 10/6: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski ruining your fantasy?

Today’s News Blitz has plenty of Patriots talking about Tom Brady’s return, as well as the team’s tight end’s views on fantasy football.

The news of the week finally became a visual on Wednesday as Tom Brady returned to the practice fields behind Gillette Stadium with the rest of his teammates to prepare for Sunday's trip to Cleveland to take on the Browns.

But, Brady still isn't scheduled to meet with the media this week.

So reporters have had to ask all TB12's teammates about the returning legend to fill out the endless stories throughout the week.

The Boston Globe has Rob Gronkowski filling in for Brady at the podium, talking up his returning quarterback and also admitting that he’s been hearing it from fantasy football owners who are disappointed with the tight end's 1-catch start to the year. The Globe notes Brady’s return to the practice field in Foxborough. The Globe says Brady's return created some buzz at practice, while Bill Belichick tried his best to be a buzz-kill by focusing on preparations for the Browns, and absolutely nothing else.

The Boston Herald Inside Track has Nate Solder and his wife visiting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, while some teammates did the same at MGH. The Herald says the Patriots clearly want to put the Brady drama behind them. The Herald notes that Rob Ninkovich is also returning from suspension this week, though it's being overshadowed a bit. The *Herald *Patriots notebook looks at tight end newcomer Greg Scruggs.

The Providence Journal says that with all the changes a quarterbacks, David Andrews is trying to be consistent at the center of it all. The ProJo notes that the Patriots added guard Chase Farris to the practice squad, while the paper makes it clear the team is happy to have Brady back. notes that running back LeGarrette Blount was added to the injury report due to a hip issue. says that Brady is coming back to work “extra motivated.” passes along Danny Amendola saying Brady will be “juiced up” vs. the Browns. notes that even former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe is urging Gronkowski on for fantasy football purposes. passes along word that "The Simpsons" take some jabs at Boston in this Sunday's episode, including some clear Patriots references. 

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