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News Blitz 12/10: Aftershock from the loss in Miami


Bill Belichick's Patriots are a team that always seems to find a way to win. That's true just about everywhere except Miami, where on Sunday afternoon New England found a way yet again to lose to the Dolphins.

Miami pulled off the upset with a razzle-dazzle, lateral-filled 69-yard touchdown as time expired to stun not only the Patriots but those reporters covering the game as well.

The Boston Globe writes that bizarre things happen in Miami, but this loss tops them all. A Globe column wonders if this was the worst non-playoff loss in Boston sports history. The Globe details how the Dolphins game-winning lateral play went down. When Miami QB Ryan Tannehill saw Rob Gronkowski on the back end of the defense on the final play, he was confident his team was going to score.

The Globe has a story on late former Patriots fullback Kevin Turner's children battling with his nurse who also became his heir. says the last play capped off a day in Miami that was a major step backwards for the Patriots defense.

NBC Sports Boston writes that the [Patriots don't want the crushing loss to linger.](Patriots don't want the crushing loss to linger.) NBC Sports Boston described it as a bizarre, throwback loss in Miami. NBC Sports Boston has the Dolphins detailing their game-winning "Boise" play. NBC Sports Boston also looks at Brady leaving points on the field with his rare mental error. NBC Sports Boston notes that the Patriots road to the No. 1 seed is now very tough. NBC Sports Boston looks at New England curiously subbing out Devin McCourty for Gronkowski on the game-losing play.

CBS Sports grades Week 14 action and gives the Patriots defensive a D for self-destruction.

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