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News Blitz 2/2: Patriots QB Tom Brady to 'play until he's 70'?

Today’s News Blitz brings a few Patriots-related notes out of Super Bowl 50 Media Day, which took place Monday night in San Jose.

Tom Brady has been saying for quite some time that he wants to play for 10 more years. At this point, such a goal would have No. 12 defying Father Time until he's 48 years old.

But Monday evening at Super Bowl 50 Media Day in San Jose, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning joked that his New England rival might play a lot longer than 10 more years, and his ageless coach might do the same.

According to the Boston Globe, Manning joked that "Brady's gonna play until he's 70, [Bill] Belichick is gonna coach till he's 90." The Globe also has former New England offensive lineman Matt Light continuing to talk about the Patriots loss in Denver with pretty critical comments.

"It blows my mind that, really, the game was lost because of a snap count,” Light told WAAF radio. "I don't think that they practiced their snap count at all, really, to any degree. We went into a game being able to snap silent count five different ways. Not two. Five. And in that game, I watched them on the snap count and I was blown away. You're handcuffing your tackles, and that's what happens when you don't effectively run a silent snap count. And it was terrible to watch.

"It wasn't the talent on the field. They could have beat that team with a little bit more preparation and doing things a little better, and it didn't happen."

Globe columnist Chris Gasper says Super Bowl 50 is a battle of new and old. The Globe notes that the NFL extended its Thursday Night Football TV package, adding NBC to the mix of CBS and NFLN.

The Boston Herald has Manning continuing to deny the HGH allegations against him. The *Herald *passes along Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, once an offseason target of the Patriots, saying that had it worked out in New England "we would have won some world championships and it would have been awesome.” Aqib Talib broke down his plan for escaping Alcatraz – yup, that's the gold you get on Media Day. notes that Broncos offensive lineman Ryan Clady is certainly happy that the Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl. WEEI also looks at the current golden age for veteran NFL quarterbacks, including Brady. lists the five biggest disappointments of the 2015 Patriots season. (Slideshow Warning!)'s Gary Tanguay says the Patriots shouldn’t extend Brady’s contract, which currently has two years remaining. also looks at what it might take to make the pipedream come true and land Lions receiver Calvin Johnson in Foxboro. The site has Manning breaking down his hugs with Belichick and Brady last week, and what microphones caught him saying to his rivals.

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