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News Blitz 2/5: Patriots QB Tom Brady to attend Super Bowl 50

Today’s News Blitz brings word that New England’s quarterback and three-time Super Bowl MVP will attend golden anniversary ceremonies at Sunday’s big game.

Not even Tom Brady's father knew whether the reigning Super Bowl MVP would attend Sunday's big game in the family's home in the Bay Area, the junior Brady having been invited last spring to take part in a Super Bowl 50 ceremony honoring all past MVPs.

According to a slew of reports that started flowing on Thursday evening, No. 12 will be on hand for No. 50 on Sunday, showing his usual class to look past the previous year of troubles he's had with Roger Goodell and the NFL league office and do the right thing for the history of the game that's much larger than the current much-criticized commissioner.

The Globe has Goodell continuing to make news this week, this time extending the "Rooney Rule" to require teams to interview women for front office job openings. *Globe *columnist Chris Gasper looks at how current Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib turned his career around with the Patriots. The paper wonders how the Patriots would have matched up with the Panthers had they made it to Super Bowl 50, while it also looks at how CBS' coverage of the big game will focus on history in this golden anniversary.

While Peyton Manning is preparing for Sunday's Super Bowl, which could be the quarterback's last game, the Washington Post looks at a budding controversy about how the future Hall of Famer handled his own investigation of the Al Jazeera report that HGH shipments were sent to his home.

The Providence Journal says the latest Deflategate information this week is yet another loss for Goodell. says Brady's decision to show up at Super Bowl 50 was a smart move. also has former Panthers fullback Brad Hoover claiming that the Patriots cheated to beat Carolina in Super Bowl XXXVIII. compares the 2007 Patriots and 2015 Panthers, two very different teams who could finish a season with just a single loss. has a one-on-one interview with Tom Brady Sr., who reveals that his son has a clock in his gym that's already counting down to Super Bowl LI. also says that the latest Manning HGH information shows that, once again, the cover up was worse than the crime. notes that despite allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend, soon-to-be former Browns QB Johnny Manziel won't be charged. also has McCourty telling a story of he and his twin brother, Titans CB Jason, once pulling a fast one on Bill Belichick.

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