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News Blitz 2/7: Patriots Super Bowl love continues!

Today’s News Blitz brings a bevy of continued coverage of New England’s historic Super Bowl LI victory.

It's going to take more than a couple days to really analyze and take in the Patriots historic comeback overtime win in Super Bowl LI.

Stories will be written from now until next season. Documentaries will be made and each play broken down frame by frame as Tom Brady and Co. did what seemed so unthinkable to steal glory from Atlanta's grasp.

But as Patriots fans lined the streets of Boston to see their favorite, most successful sports team enjoy its recent, most special title, the game itself continues to be broken down and dissected for all its glorious greatness.

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy says the comeback over the Falcons was the ultimate finish to the storybook ride for the Patriots. The Globe also says the lesson of the Super Bowl LI win wasn’t about revenge but rather about believing in each other.

Globe columnist Chris Gasper says that Brady showed that love trumped Deflategate with the QB's attitude and accopmlishments this postseason. The Globe – which was among those questioning whether James White would even make the roster this past summer – looks at how the back went from unheralded to record-setting Super Bowl hero. The Globe passes along Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell displaying smiles at the quarterback’s MVP press conference.

In a typical Bill Belichick comment, the Globe has the coach noting that the Patriots are already five weeks behind on work for the 2017 season. Sunday's game-changing strip sack once again showed the Dont’a Hightower has a knack for the big play in the big game. The Globe notes that the search is still on for Brady’s missing Super Bowl LI jersey.

The Boston Herald says that Brady’s drive won’t end with his fifth Super Bowl ring. Looking ahead, the Herald writes that fiscal smarts will be key to the Patriots next potential title run. The Herald's weekly Patriots report card from Super Bowl LI says the work was second to none. The Herald looks at White living his dream, including a Monday parade at Disney World. The Herald *has Brady on social media urging fans to dance in the streets on Tuesday. Rolling things forward in Belichickian fashion, the *Herald lists the Patriots offseason priorities.

The Providence Journal has word that the Patriots will bring the Lombardi Trophy to Rhode Island’s capital city on Tuesday afternoon for a rally. The ProJo says Brady’s unprecedented success is a tribute to the quarterback’s unwavering will. The ProJo looks at the massive crowd of fans that welcomed the Patriots back to Gillette Stadium on Monday night. As was obvious for those of us in attendance, the ProJo passes along news that Lady Gaga didn’t actually jump off the roof of NRG Stadium during her still-entertaining Super Bowl LI halftime performance. The ProJo has Brady talking about the important role his family played in his journey to another Super Bowl win. says Hightower, an impending free agent, once again proved his value to the Patriots with his play in Super Bowl LI. The site notes that Brady declared via social media that Tuesday was a city-wide holiday in Boston. writes that conditioning paid off for the Patriots as the Falcons wore down in the latter part of Super Bowl LI. ranks the 10 most remarkable things about the 2016 Patriots. notes that Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia wore a t-shirt mocking Goodell as he arrived back in New England. breaks down how the Patriots overcame the odds for the unbelievable win in Houston. looks at the importance of family to the Patriots players.

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