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News Blitz 5/2: Patriots on a mission?

A roundup of Patriots news

People have been asking this almost since the Super Bowl ended, but today, it's a popular topic again: Are the Patriots in a win-now mode?

The Providence Journal asserts in a column today that they are.

"Not since the 2007 season have we seen the front office be as aggressive in the offseason," the writer states. "Of course, back then, Tom Brady desperately needed help and got some in the form of Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donté Stallworth. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Patriots brass had Brady in mind, once again, this offseason. With the quarterback turning 40 in August, the Patriots' window may be closing." has a similar editorial column about New England’s aggressive team-building approach this offseason.

"Some view this as the Patriots going 'all-in' this offseason. Sometimes it's said in a derogatory manner, which is kind of crazy. Shouldn't every team be all-in every offseason? Especially when the cast is as talented as the 2017 Patriots?" this story's author asserts.

Meanwhile, it's fairly common for undrafted players to earn jobs on the Patriots roster under Bill Belichick. With that in mind, *The Boston Globe *examines which of this year’s undrafted rookies have the best chance of doing so. take a similar tack in a piece that asks which 2017 rookie could be this season’s Malcolm Butler success story. He, of course, won a job as an undrafted player in 2014 before going on to Super Bowl stardom.

Elsewhere, recently acquired RB Mike Gillislee is scheduled to speak with reporters at Gillette Stadium today for the first time as a Patriot. He was signed away from Buffalo, to whom New England had to surrender a fifth-round pick (163 overall in this past weekend's draft).

An ESPN blog post analyzes whether it was better for New England to sign Gillislee or draft a ball carrier with that pick, had they kept it.

Finally, Tom Brady and his wife co-hosted a huge fundraising event in New York last night. The* Boston Herald *has details and pictures. 

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