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News Blitz 7/12: Tom Brady is tough to coach

Today's News Blitz includes Texans coach Bill O'Brien talking about his past working with Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. Even his haters are starting to have to admit that.

Theoretically coaching a man with such skill and impressive a resume would seem like an easy job.

But according to current Texans head coach and former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, working with Brady actually presents quite a challenge for a coach.

A transcript of an extended interview with a CBS radio station in Houston has O'Brien explaining that, "One of the most difficult jobs you can have is coaching Tom because he wants to be coached, you coach him every single day, every minute of the day and all year round because he’s all football. He's a phenomenal guy and the reason why he is what he is, is because he's obsessed with football. He's a great family guy, don't get me wrong, but he's obsessed with football and so when you're coaching him you better be ready to go at a moment's notice whether it's for a meeting, or practice or game and it made me a much better coach when I was fortunate enough to coach him."

The *Boston Herald *also notes the Gronkowski concert outing.

The Providence Journal caught up with Patriots top pick Derek Rivers as the pass rusher nears his first NFL training camp and writes that it looks like the edge defender is a perfect fit for his new team. continues its series of position breakdowns heading toward camp, and the running back write-up focuses on Dion Lewis’ status for the 2017 season.

ESPN has 25 predictions through the year 2020, including projecting Brady to play more games than Jimmy Garoppolo. comes up with a list of five potential concerns for the 2017 Patriots, a team favored to go to the Super Bowl and defend its latest title. also wrties about former Patriots All-Pro defensive lineman Richard Seymour’s post-football life playing professional poker.'s series counting down the 20 most important Patriots players for 2017 gets to Marcus Cannon at No. 10. also notes that ESPN put the Patriots atop its “future power rankings.”

The L.A. Times looks at Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s role in a new video game league.

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